Felt Fox Pockets

I didn’t really take pictures of the process of making Emmie’s fox coat, because I was sort of combat sewing with the machine I don’t like to sew with, and none of our stuff was here (since it was before our household goods arrived) But I did take pictures of making the fox pockets with my cell phone. 

 The pieces that I started with looked like this, I used wool felt and a piece of felted wool to make the fox face. I began by sewing with brown thread on my sewing machine around the edge of the main head.

next I added the cream face portion,
and the nose.
The eyes are made from the felted wool, since I didn’t have any felt in this color. I sewed the two ear pieces down to the base,
and then I added the felted wool for the center of the ear.
This is what all the pieces look like when ready to go.
I hand attached the ears to the head with brown thread sewn through the same lines as the machine stitching, mostly because of how thick all the layers had gotten at this point.

 Next I hand attached scraps of my lining to the back of the pocket. I didn’t go through the front layers at all, I actually used the brown stitching to whip through.

 Oh! Before I added the lining, I added button eyes.

I hand Attached the pockets too the jacket as well, using the brown stitching as my guide.

I drew up this fox head, so it is pretty simple, but I think the same idea could be applied to a dog, or a cat, etc. And if you didn’t need a pocket, this would make an adorable headband decoration, hair clip, or sewn to the end of a scarf, or on a bag or pin.

I would love to hear what you think!

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