Halloween 2012 Recap

 So I know our minds are now way past Halloween, and onto the Holiday season, but I thought I would recap what Paul and I wore for Halloween. It’s not terribly exciting since I pulled out an old faithful costume that I made years and years ago when Paul’s work had a party, and I had a baby home and no time (Every time I pull this costume out I CRINGE at how badly made it is, not even a single seam is finished on the inside; I remember when I made it, I thought, “it’s okay, I only need it to last this once” and I think I have used it at least 4-5 times.)  The whole costume stemmed from being given the shoes when my little sister out grew them, and I thought they looked *exactly* like Alice in Wonderland shoes. (Alice is also the character I would have loved to have played in Disneyland, and it’s my favorite Disney Cartoon too.)

2 Years ago we made Paul the new addition to our now “couple’s costume” We bought him the hat at Party City, but the rest is made up out of his everyday clothes; the plaid wool pants being his favorite possession ever, since I found them in a thrift store with all the tags still on, un-hemmed, and from the 70s. I hemmed them, and took in the waist a little, and he LOVES these pants. The green boat shoes are actually fancy ones from the Nordstrom Rack, and everything else is Banana Republic I think (so there you go, if you want to look mad, we apparently think it means layers and layers of business casual. My husband is about 10 times the clothes horse I am, so he has a LOT to choose from.) Oh, and the bow on his tie is my hairclip.    
And finally, if you are wondering what Emmie decided to go with, she was dead Marie Antoinette, I didn’t try to convince her not to be, since I figured Halloween is all about being who you want to be, even if that person is a beheaded french queen! 

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  1. November 7, 2012 at 12:18 am

    Emmie does look very spooky and still so awesome! And I love old faithful Alice and MH- you guys look so great!

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