Isaac’s New Quilt

I have been trying to find inspiration fabric for a quilt for Isaac since this last Summer. I made a pirate quilt with my sweet sister Sarah, and Emmie claimed it before Isaac even knew what was going on (here’s the link for more on that quilt), and then later the next week I made another quilt, this time for Paul (that has as of yet to be photographed) and Isaac was pretty much feeling like chopped liver. SO I was trying to do a Steampunk quilt for Isaac, but have as of this far managed to only get 2 fabrics for that theme.
ANYWAY, yesterday I was with a friend in Happy Quilt, and came across a fat quarter of this fabric,
And suddenly I KNEW exactly what fabric I wanted for Isaac’s now VIKING quilt. I asked if there was any yardage of the fabric, and got a big fat NO on that one, so I found the only 4 fat quarters they had in the shop (which look like they all came out of the same yard of fabric) and purchased them thinking I would be hopefully be able to order more online (we have developed the theory that Happy Quilt was sent a tester yard, decided not to stock the fabric, but turned the yard into fat quarters, it’s a nice theory that I have no way of actually substantiating since I don’t speak Korean.)
Now comes my problem, I was able to distinguish via the selvage edge that it is a Michael Miller print called “Vikings” and according to his website it came out in November, but I can’t find any online stores that stock it! I could make due with just the quartered yard if I have to, but I was hoping to add it to the back as well. Paul and I are going to go up to Dongdaemun tomorrow (I’m trying to get the last couple of things for my giveaway package!) so I will try to see if anyone there has it, but I’m not holding out much hope (there are only a couple small quilt fabric booths in Dongdaemun, they are definitely more stocked for the clothing industry.)
SOOOO If anyone runs across an online shop or retailer that carries this fabric, I will love you forever and call you my hero if you would pretty please let me know where, so I can order more of this fabric before I get too excited and make it anyway with just the 1 yard.
p.s. Isaac will also love you forever, he has loved vikings since he was a little boy, so much so I made him a faux fur lined viking coat that he actually still wears around for play (yes he’s 12) even though the sleeves are too short, and he learned how to write his name in runes practically before he learned to write it in English!


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