Isaac’s Union Jack Dresser

I knew I wanted a Union Jack for Isaac’s dresser, so I set about Googling different images of union jack furniture, until this dresser from Daena at Bad Rabbit Vintage (the picture is a link to the image source if you click on it) popped up!   
There was just something about this piece that stuck with me, and I pinned it, thinking if only I could find a piece of furniture that would work with  a similar idea….. I am sure you can imagine that when I found this piece for sale at my local Salvation Army Store, I was ecstatic! I got it on sale for 50% off, and there was a matching side table for the same 50% off! (I have already posted about redoing Isaac’s side table here.)

 Paul and I sanded down this whole dresser, because unlike my inspiration photo, I wanted to stain this piece a different color rather than painting the whole thing. I taped off all of the pieces of the Union Jack that I wanted to remain wood for staining, and all the bits I wanted to be blue, and then I used cream spray paint to spray the whole piece. Next I removed the tape covering the bits I intended to paint blue, taped off the cream using newspaper to help protect the cream, and used spray paint to cover the blue bits. I don’t have progress pictures (what else is new? I just get going on something, and then Paul comes out and reminds me to take pictures!) But here is where I was when Paul got me to take pictures! The dresser was all painted, and all the tape was removed. The wood hasn’t been stained yet though, as the next step was to sand all the paint back so it didn’t look so crisp.

 As a gift to my neighbors, I waited until the next day to sand the dresser with the electric sander, since I finished painting the dresser late at night! (spray cans are quiet enough right?)

And then after the sanding I stained the whole piece with a dark stain, and used a satin polyurethane to seal the whole thing.
And here is the finished piece,

 Just like the inspiration piece I wrapped a portion of the union jack onto the top, leaving the top drawer to be half of my cross, with the bottom drawer being cream. (it’s actually the bottom half of the drawer, since the lower 2 drawers are actually only one big drawer.)

The sides are all cream, that has just been sanded back. (You can see a sneaky view of Isaac’s Hawker Hurricane side table next to the dresser in this picture.) 

And then again, here is the finished product. I used the original hardware again, since I LOVE this look, and I love that this has both a modern and timeless feel. I’m sure you can tell all my lines aren’t straight, since this was not a flat piece I had to go around curves and shapes, so there are some non perfect angles, but in the grand scheme, I think that just adds to the vintagey folk-art look this piece has. I didn’t use red for this piece, since red really isn’t a strong color in his room (his room is shades of blue, brown, gray, cream, and beige) but I think it still clearly reads as a Union Jack, since the brown wood is in those spots.

I am pretty sure this is the last dresser I didn’t share before moving to Korea! I am stinking never gonna get caught up with everything I have been doing, but hopefully I’ll keep getting closer!

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