Jurassic Park and the Beach! {Travel Thursday}

A few weekends ago we decided to go for a drive and see where we ended up, and we managed to go by the beach, and  Anmyondo Jurassic Park (I heard about it originally on my friend Kande’s blog, so when we ended up near it, we decided to stop on by) It was a lot of fun, sort of a combo between a museum, and a side show.

Poor Emmie can’t keep her pale blue eyes open outside, but this picture of Isaac was so funny, I had to include it.
and then an oddity that had nothing to do with dinosaurs, a recycled alien statue
 unfortunately we couldn’t read any of the signs, but stuff was cool to look at!
 poor Emmie was in such pain every time we were outside, I need to start making sure she brings her sunglasses! 
There were all sorts of stuffed North American animals, and several of them were meant to be touched so you could take pictures with them.
Emmie was not so big on the touching of the alligator. 
Next we went to the beach, we were so close we decided that even though it was chilly out, we couldn’t pass up the chance to put our feet into the Yellow Sea for the first time ever!
 It was shallow for ages, and the water was warmer than the air! 
 There were all sorts of living things on the beach (and not so living) 
Emmie was trying to float above the sand, she was so terrified of the small crabs that were literally EVERYWHERE on the beach, she was so worried about stepping on them!
 I’m not sure what this was, but it was gross and still alive!
I hope I have learned my lesson now, I only had a cell phone on me for this outing, and I completely regret not having a good camera! We are absolutely going back as soon as it is warmer outside, as it was only about an hour from our house, and the beach was AMAZING. There were Koreans digging for shellfish everywhere, and when we go back we are going to take a shovel too! (we will probably just give whatever we find to a Korean family since I am weird about food safety, but we want to try digging at least!) 

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