Korean Apartment Master Bathroom

I took pictures of our master bathroom today, showing what we have done to make it “ours” and not just military housing for the next 3 years. Who knew that so much hard work goes into renovating a bathroom? If I had known this before, I may have just hired someone to do it for me. But we persevered and we were able to truly make it our own. I was worried about certain aspects though, like the plumbing. In fact, I was that convinced that we would find a leak or break something, that I even had somewhere similar to Nance Services on speed dial, (nanceservices.net/bartlett-plumbers/) just in case I walked into a bathroom full of water at some point. Luckily this hasn’t happened yet, and this was one less thing for me to worry about (for now anyway). But I think I’ll keep them in my contact list for now. With that being said, the before pictures aren’t that great, but I did at least remember to take them when we moved in!

I don’t know what I was thinking with this one….I hate trying to figure out what to do with myself in a mirror.

And now the afters, (all these pictures were taken at night, not that it really matters since there is no window in this room! But the flash made the colors look a little different than in real life.)

It’s hard to tell, but the walls are a soft golden wheat color.
These bird pictures hung in the dining room of our last house, but will do well in the bathroom because they won’t get ruined in the humidity.
The towel rack is the same style one in our last house, we got a spare one before we moved so we could have one here. We are actually thinking about getting a heated towel racks because it’s so much colder here than our last place. But, we’re still looking at reviews like the ones on EasyHomeConcepts.com to decide which one to get. We took down all the towel bars that were in the bathroom, and put up our own (the organizers are the same IKEA one’s from our last bathroom, they came with us in the move.) The laundry basket is from target, and is the best shape ever for a laundry basket.

I recently made a hair clip hanger so my stuff was at hand, now I just need to make 10 more so everything I have can be at hand!
I obviously need to clean my mirror, oops! Here is what the organization system looks like with the door shut. We hang robes, and other things behind the door (along with my mirror so I can see the back of my head) and pretty much everything in here is about maximizing organization for a VERY tiny bathroom.
We store extra towels above the rack, and here is a good shot of the door frame. If we were sealing it up we’d look for a fibreglass door frame (like those here: https://www.plastproinc.com/products/pf-door-frame), but that isn’t the case in our project. We used to have a door between the front and back bathrooms. In order to open the door (if you were on the inside by the tub) you had to stand right up against the toilet or in the tub to make room for the door to swing. (which made the whole bathroom tiny, and gross, because you HAD to shut the door or you couldn’t reach the towel bar behind it) So, we just took the door out and put it in our little storage space for while we are here. I used wood filling wax to fill the holes in the door frame, and when we move, we will just put the door back. We figure it’s just as easy to close the front door for privacy as the middle one.

I ended up following my gut and taking the advice to leave the shower curtain ruffle free for now, I bought some stuff to possibly embellish it later, but for right now I am liking the plain look! I have all the photos for a tutorial for making the shower curtain (finally, I know) so I’ll get those up soon.

The only thing I bought new for this bathroom was the fabric for the shower curtain, and the towel rack that was identical to the one in my last master bath, everything else was being reused from our last house. After we had done this, our friends used AHM baths to have a walk in bath fitted because they don’t have the time to do it themselves, but it does look fantastic. I hope you enjoyed this blog post, catch you soon!

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