Our Christmas Tree

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We tried to put our Christmas tree up the other night only to find that a whole bunch of the pre-lit lights were burned out, whole sections of the tree were dead, and after fiddling with the bulbs, we came to the conclusion that it was faulty wiring. So instead of setting up the tree, we used wire cutters and pulled all the lights out of the tree (we don’t get fresh trees due to allergies in the house) 

After a trip to the store, and 8 strands of lights wrapped around each branch, we were ready to decorate the tree tonight,
I think it’s safe to say that we have a more is more attitude about decorations.
The topper is a white flocked Stag, we have sort of a deer thing around here. I was so excited to pick the deer up at the flower market here in Seoul just a little bit ago!
Most of our deer ornaments have been collected over the years, wherever we could find pretty ones. The ribbon is a navy faux fur, and a pale blue velvet I also got at the flower market.
I just picked up the flocked blue and gold balls for $1 each at the flower market. The mercury glass eggs came from Tuesday Morning a couple of years ago.
More deer!
This glitter glass deer is one of my favorites. 
The little pewter knights are some of my favorite too, we made them out of model knights, Paul drilled through their heads and we wired them to hang.
And here is the effect all lit up, it’s amazing what 8 strands of lights will do! In case you have spotted the old tree skirt, it’s because I have as of yet to get around to making the new one…. I feel such a bum, but I am trying to get to stuff, I just have some guest posts percolating in the near future, and it’s hard to  get all the secret stuff done, and still do stuff over here!  (And that’s before you mention having a committee meeting for the Osan Officers’ Spouses’ Club in my house this morning, (I’m the chair of the welfare committee) and having to go to the high school for emergency evacuation/gas mask training this afternoon (nothing brings home that you live in a hostile zone like having to learn how to put a gas hood on your kid, it’s a good thing North Korea isn’t REALLY in a position to attack us, RIGHT? someone tell me I am RIGHT, today was a little nerve wracking and a reality check.) 
Our Christmas wrapping is styled after this pin I saw on pinterest, I just thought it was too cute! 
Wrapping Christmas presents like they are delivered packages. So cute! 

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