Travel Thursday {The Flower Market}

Last Monday Emmie was home from school sick, although she was not so sick that she needed to stay in bed all day, and I thought being in the warmth of the Yangjae flower market’s green houses would do her some good. (I had planned on going to the flower market since the week before, and Paul was going to stay home with her on the day, but I decided to take her with me instead, we just stayed away from other people and sanitized her hands a lot.) The Yangjae Flower Market is a combo between green houses full of potted plants, sections of cut flowers for florists, and some decorative Christmas items and baskets. Christmas is not huge here in Korea, although you see bits of it here and there, so it was fun to go shopping at a place that specifically catered in some small degree to Christmas (I want to take a trip soon the the Express Bus Terminal in Seoul, it has a flower market with twice as much stuff as this one in the Christmas department.)

All these pictures are just some instagrams I took, so not too exciting, but still fun I think.

There were tons of orchids in every color!

I wanted to bring the deer home, and Emmie wanted the ram, but my better judgement won over and we didn’t bring either to fill up our tiny apartment!

One of my favorite plants is ornamental cabbage, I love how heirloom/wild it looks! 3 of these beauties came home with me, and are my new dining table centerpiece!

There were poinsettias everywhere!

They kept the green houses at about 75 degrees inside, which was a nice change from how freezing it is outside here (OH MY GOSH IS THE WIND FREEZING HERE) It was so nice to take off our coats and just walk arm in arm smelling the greenery.

I bought a few ornaments, ribbon, our tree topper, and the cabbages while at the Yangjae flower market, (as seen in this post.) I had such a nice time with Miss Emmie, she is such a good buddy, and makes everything fun to look at and talk about, and she’s feeling so much better now!

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