Deer Dresser From My So You Think You’re Crafty Audition

I have finally decided to post my audition piece from S.Y.T.Y.C. since the poll closed forever ago. I had several people tell me they could tell which piece was mine, so we’ll see if you guessed right! (although I doubt anyone will tell me they liked something else better and voted for that instead, I’ll just never know….!) 
For my audition piece I have a dining room sideboard/dresser that I got at a thrift store a couple of years ago. I always intended on refinishing it, but it sort of traveled through a couple of different rooms in my house “as is” for a few years while I waited to decide what to do with it. The knobs on the cupboard doors were my only addition (they were purchased from Anthropologie) since the originals were missing.
I recently settled on a color scheme I wanted for this piece, and got to work redoing it! The bottom piece of trim was missing a lot of the veneer, so we turned the piece upside-down and cut 1.5″ of the bottom to get a cleaner edge. After stripping the whole thing down, I dry-brushed a gray paint onto the top, and then sanded it back, then adding a driftwood gray wood stain over the top to get a sun-bleached look.
The body I painted in a soft blue green, adding a antique gold to highlight the carving details. On the front of the doors and drawers I also hand painted the heads of stags and a traditional scroll design in the gold paint.

After sanding everything back, I antiqued the whole thing with stain, and lastly varnished with a satin varnish.

Here’s the finished product. We have decided to use the sideboard for an entertainment center, and as such, we cut out the back of the second drawer down so it now houses our Blue Ray player and old school Super Nintendo, I know a lot of people hate the look of a large screen TV on display in their home, but I’m afraid this is all me, I LOVE watching TV and movies while I do projects, and I don’t dislike how it looks (embrace it I say!) In an ideal world we would have the TV wall mounted, but where we live right now, we are not allowed to wall mount things that heavy. We can still use a TV changer even though the drawer is shut, because we have a little receiver that sits on the TV base that controls the Blue Ray player. (I highly recommend these receivers, we got ours off of Amazon for less than $30, they just plug into your electronics, and it opens up a whole new world of being able to hide the equipment behind things and still use the remote) The pottery above it is English, Italian, and Spanish, all picked up either from estate sales or travel, I love that the Spanish plate in the lower middle is golden in color, and has a stag on the front tying in the deer theme!

I hope that y’all like this piece as much as I do, it fits perfectly in my home decor, and is one of the main centerpieces of our home.

I have photos of us redoing this piece I need to retrieve off of the camera, when I do I’ll post them here as a tutorial (famous last words) I also have a guest posting coming up at So You Think You’re Crafty today (well the 10th in the US, it’s already the 10th in Korea) and I will post the link to that here on the blog when it goes live. (I made the kid’s Christmas pajamas.) 

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