Emmie’s Christmas Present

So I can’t show you anything I am working on right now since most of it is for competitions, but I can show you what miss Emmie has been up to. For Christmas we bought our sweet girl her own sewing machine! (she kept jumping on mine every time I would go iron something, and it was getting frustrating for both of us to keep waiting for the other.) She loves taking all my scraps and making things, and has a whole box of them in her room, the other day she came out of her room with a shirt she had designed and sewed all by herself by HAND. I really need to get a picture of it because it is so cute, but without THAT picture yet, I will leave you with a picture of my baby on HER baby instead, 

She’s working on her first pieced quilt, all by herself, I am soooo proud of how she’s doing, I can’t believe she’s only 10! (By the way, this picture was taken today, and I am pretty sure this is day 3 of her wearing her Christmas pajamas in a row, gotta love Christmas break!)

Isaac and Paul are at a week long Civil Air Patrol Encampment right now, so we girls are just slumming it and trying to get some sewing done.

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