Feeling Foxy {Christmas printable}

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I don’t know what it is, but I have been feeling the Fox Hunting decorating theme this Fall/Winter. I decided that I like it so much I am theming our Christmas decorations around it – not just fox hunting, as the inside of my house has stag ornaments, etc. but sort of an European Equestrian/hunting, in the woods theme.

Are we all still with me? Okay. So I bought a little Christmas tree in a pot the other day, and I decided that I wanted to make it match my theme, so I’ll paint the pot blue, and decoupage the image of a fox onto it. I started looking online for images of foxes, and although I found a couple of pretty ones, I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted; then I found one that was pretty darn close, and decided that I could use it as inspiration to draw my own.

I drew with a mechanical pencil on bristol board, and when I was happy with my outline I used a black Pigma micron pen (.25mm) to draw in my lines. I used a white rubber eraser to get rid of any pencil lines, and colored the fox in to my liking with Prismacolor art markers. I had all these art supplies on hand from when I was in school, and have been looking for projects to use them since then, because the last time I used them was during my history of costume class 1.5 years ago, where I had to design costumes for various plays (only the drawings, I didn’t make the costumes in that class.) Now I am no great artist, I am not great at out of my head creating something from scratch, but if I can look at something, I can come up with my own fairly close-ish version. The changes I decided to make were in the clothing colors (and just a few details in the clothes) along with the paw in the front, in order to make it more hunting-ish, I added a hunting horn to my fox. (there are also other subtle differences because I obviously couldn’t draw an IDENTICAL picture just by looking at another, that and I am sure the original artist didn’t use markers) my drawn image is something like 10″ x 4″, I work around that size usually when I am drawing, although the bristol board pad I use is around 16″x 12″ because I like a lot of dead space for later cropping in case I didn’t draw something straight!

Next I had Paul scan the picture for me, so I could add this copyright free Christmas frame in Photoshop which resulted in this image combo,

I printed this image with a laser jet printer (a color copy will work too) because I didn’t want the colors to bleed when I go to decoupage the picture onto the pot, and at home inkjet printing will bleed.

Anyway, I will have the rest of the project to share here tomorrow, but I thought I would add the pictures today so anyone wanting a fox Christmas printable could use them (are there other people out there wanting a fox Christmas printable? It could just be me.) I added a water mark off to the side of the plain image, but that could easily be shopped out, the only thing I ask is you don’t make anything with huge production lines to sell, with the image. (If you did use it for anything I would love to see what you made!)  I’m kind of sad we already made our cards, or I might have been tempted to use this picture for our Christmas cards!

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