Happy Christmas!

Sorry I’ve been so dull around here – to be quite honest I have been crazy busy getting ready for Project Run and Play, and So You Think You’re Crafty, that I don’t have any projects that I can actually share yet.

I have also been struggling with what to say after the school shootings in Connecticut, my heart is broken for those families, and it is hard to feel like casual blogging is appropriate so soon after something like that. But in truth if we don’t carry on, (while still remembering to hug our kids a little closer,) then we are not serving anyone.

I just dropped in today to say Happy Christmas, and share the photos that went into our Christmas cards this year, it’s already Christmas here in Korea, and we had a lovely Christmas Eve eating cookies, drinking eggnog, and watching Holiday Inn and we watched White Christmas last night. (I’m pretty sure it’s not Christmas without Bing Crosby to tell me it is.)

I can’t get the family picture to load (the file is too big for some reason) but here are the others until then.

I hope all of you have a lovely holiday season with your families, mine is feeling terribly far away right now all the way across the world. (although I feel terribly grateful to be here with my two sweet kids!) Love to you all, and I will honestly try to remember to pop in every now and again on our way to the January start date for both competitions!

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