It’s All In The Details….

So I have shown bits and pieces of my front door decor, but I thought I would actually get out the good camera and take decent-ish pictures (I didn’t take the time to edit them and the hallway lighting is bad and windowless)

We live in a high rise apartment with a central area on every floor with elevators, and then hallways that branch off of them, we have one neighbor directly across from us, but other then that we have an indoor hall all to ourselves. Every Christmas we usually add so many lights to our house that it can be seen from space, but here in Korea we are limited to our door space.

Here’s what the door looked like before with all the greenery up, but no ornaments yet,

Here is one of my paper fan ornaments, this one with a little fox.

 Here is the little tree I painted the base of and decoupaged with my fox image, (the deer came from TJ Maxx several years ago.)

 The wreath hangs on the side wall, I don’t like wreathes on the door because they tend to make the entryway more narrow when you open the door to walk through, and our door is self closing, so it would close into you all the time.

 I love the look of the french horn, and the lovely face and natural hair on the Santa (is it really a Santa? The blonde isn’t exactly what you think of, but I still think of him as a Santa.)

 The garland that goes around the door is hung with Command hooks in order to not damage the wall, I am very pleased by how well they are holding everything in place.

 There are wool felt ribbon half loops, brass Christmas horns (I collect them from thrift shops when I can find them) pheasant feathers, and my paper ornaments going all around the door.

 As an added detail, I cut an oval of sheet music paper, wrote our apartment # on it, glitterized it, and then used double stick tape to put it over our more industrial looking apartment #.

 We threaded the light plug under the door, and have the lights plugged in from the hallway inside our apartment.

 Pretty homey for an apartment complex huh? I love being able to put our own spin on things so that our door, (that looks like every other door,) is OUR’S.

 I’m ready for Christmas now!

  2 comments for “It’s All In The Details….

  1. Joy
    December 7, 2012 at 3:50 am

    Love it – again you inspire me! Thanks.

  2. December 7, 2012 at 7:37 am

    I so badly want to come knocking on that door – not just because it looks so inviting, but because I MISS YOU!!!

    It definitely looks like you have made it YOURS!!

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