Sheet Music Paper Ornaments {Tutorial Tuesday}

All the pictures in this post are cell phone pictures so sorry if they aren’t the best!
In order to make cost effective and thematically matching ornaments for my front door decor, I turned towards paper ornaments. I started by printing this vintage Christmas sheet music onto regular printer paper, and once it printed I cut all the white off the edges, and then cut the paper in half length wise.
Next I used my Martha Stewart scoring board (not sponsored by Martha Stewart Crafts in any way) and a bone folder to put scoring lines every half inch down the length of the paper. 

 After scoring the paper, I accordion folded the paper, and bent it in half both ways. Next I used double sided tape to close the one side into a fan shape, and then the other.

 Next I used a lighter and burned around all the edges of the circle, you just get it hot and blow on it a lot so nothing catches on fire (I did it over a sink to catch the soot, and have water near by. Finally, I added punched circles of card stock to the back with hot glue, sandwiching a piece of jute string in between.

For the front I took pictures of various hunting animals that I found online, printed them onto card stock,  and then colored the pictures in. Then I stamped out the pictures, using the same scalloped circle punch (also Martha Stewart crafts) and then dipped the edges in glue and white glitter. I attached the front circle just like the back, with the jute string in between forming a hanging loop.

The finished ornaments were pennies a piece to make, but fill in a lot of space so that my garland and tree aren’t sitting bare! (the fact that they are light weight helps too!) Look! you can see my made-over tree pot! I know I am posting out of order, I just thought I would get this one up since the pictures came up first.

Since I don’t think it needs a post of it’s own, I’ll add a picture of my wreath too, I got this wreath at the flower market, it’s pretty already, I just needed to add the bling.

 And I added a thrifted brass horn, (purchased before moving)  teal and gold dyed pheasant feathers (that I got off of ebay before moving) more fans of sheet music, and a lovely Santa/Green Man head that I have had for years, (from Michael’s forever ago) and rescued off of a crushed looking wreath to add it here. The lights are battery operated ones that are on a self timer that I bought here at the Base Exchange.

I would love to know what you think about the ornaments, please share if you make anything similar!

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