A French Country Fireplace {So You Think You’re Crafty entry brought home}

For my On the Wall project, I decided to make a fireplace! (My sister was pretty funny while I was making it, she called her husband and said “Believe it, *X is making a fireplace” and his response was “Of course she is!”) *name withheld to protect my anonymity! 🙂 Nice to know my family gets me and how random I am! I have wanted a fireplace for so long now and we still hope to add an ethanol burning fireplace feature in the future.
The house I live in doesn’t have any real architectural features, but I really wanted to have a fireplace to be the center of my home, I didn’t have the ability to vent anything/a chimney, so it’s built around the use of vent-less gel fuel cans, and I am absolutely in love with how it turned out, and the warmth it puts off into my home! It will definitely give us that feeling of comfort and coziness, especially on those cold winter nights. When I told my friend about it, I somehow inspired her to get a fireplace of her own, but she’s decided to see how fireplace gas logs, which you can learn more about from places like Energy Pro Heating & Cooling (https://energyprohvac.com/gas-log-sets/) can work better than burning normal wood. That’s up to her I guess, but I think that this way provides you with a better feeling of warmth and comfort. All in all, I’m pleased with the way it’s turned out.

For my fireplace
I began with an existing gel fuel corner fireplace, since I didn’t want to mess
around with trying to build my own firebox (I didn’t want to burn my house down.) I found a gel fuel fireplace in a thrift
store for $50 once, and am still kicking myself for not buying it! The one I
used for my project is actually a fireplace I bought almost 10 years ago for a
different house, and although I needed it in a corner then, our current house
has no free corners. The fireplace was
very small, short, and originally finished in a bad mahogany, sprayed, faux wood. (I added lion wood, molding pieces and painted it black 10 years ago,
but for the last 4 years it has been in my garage loft on its head, while I reused to get rid of it like my husband wanted me to I might add!)
For this project I
tore the whole thing apart, built a flat body so that it didn’t go in a corner
anymore, and made it about 6″ taller to increase its presence on the
wall. I used clear glass penny mosaic tiles, white subway tiles, and an antique
store find of a cast aluminum fender to define the hearth so that this piece
didn’t just sit directly on the carpet (I feel like this detail makes the
fireplace look more real…I never liked it just sitting on the floor!) The bunny
head is from Anthropologie, and for me it ABSOLUTELY lends a French country
feel to this piece, and ties in the heavy black of the fender and firebox.
There are 6 ceramic and brass knobs around the top and sides of the fireplace
so that I can hang stockings, decorations, and banners from them easily (this
is my husband’s favorite part of the fireplace, that he is now very glad I hoarded all those years!)

And here is the finished product in my home with screen and tools in place, I cannot even begin to tell you how this fireplace has changed my home; this Christmas we had garlands all over it, and I am looking forward to decorating it for all of the upcoming seasons! It will be the center-piece for all of my decorations. Everything I do will be based around my fireplace. Even when the time comes for me to give my room a well-earned makeover, the same rules will apply. On saying that, I may need to enlist the help of an interior design company like Collov, (https://collov.com/) to help me make sure that the items I choose for the room look great with the fireplace. I’ve waited so long for this moment, and I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure that I showcase it as often as possible. I really hope you like this, and that I earned your vote for On the Wall, I am excited to show the process photos later in my tutorial, it really was such a transformation!

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