Anthropologie Jupukka Jacket {So You Think You’re Crafty entry brought home}

Anthropologie Jacket Knock-off

For this weeks challenge, I decided to knock-off the Jupukka Jacket from Anthropologie, but there’s actually sort of a twist behind the making of this piece,

 You see the Anthropologie jacket picture is from their catalogue, which I thought was stunning, and beautiful, but then when you go to their website or store, there is a completely different jacket masquerading as the Jupukka Jacket. Instead of the stunning crochet edging, they have cheap looking woven stuff, and because of that the collar has to fold down instead of hug the neck, and the plush fur just flat out looks cheap. (What the heck happened there Anthropologie? It looks terrible now.) It is so bad the ropy ties are actually pulling a nasty gap in the woven fabric, rather than a completely smooth transition with crochet chained ties that don’t pull weirdly at all in the catalog shot (I honestly suggest you go to the link and look at the MASSIVE difference, it’s mind blowing that they are supposed to be the same jacket!) 

SO anyway, I set out to make a better version of the Jupukka Jacket, I had the most beautiful blue cotton velvet in my stash (rather than fur) that I used for the body of the jacket, and then I hand stitched all around the edge in brown wool yarn, so that I had an anchor from which to crochet all the rows of wool edging from (all of the wool in this jacket is hand dyed too.) When I made my version of the jacket, I lengthened the body to make it cover my hips, so that it fit my body proportions better than the original jacket length would have, and I swapped out the pom poms that were to go on the ends of the ties for tassels; I made a pom pom and just felt like it didn’t look as classy on the jacket (and it looked rather bulky,) but I loved the look of the tassels, so I went with the swap out. (My sleeve cuff is also knit in a rib knit, I just liked the look of knit better than a crocheted cuff) The jacket is lined in a brown micro-fleece, and the entire jacket is completely hand sewn except for the velvet outer layer’s shoulder seams. The side splits make the jacket so comfortable and easy to wear, and there are so many details in this that make it cozy and comfortable, while looking sooooo chic!  

I hope you love my Jupukka Jacket Knock-off as much as I do, and that I can earn your vote! Thanks!

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