Beaded Crystal Hair Clips {So You Think You’re Crafty entry brought home}

Beaded Crystal Hair Clips

Metallic/Glitter/Shine was a theme I was super excited about, it is entirely possible that I *may* have been compared to a magpie in my love of sparkly things! For my project, I decided to make some pretty hair ornaments; I have seen similar clips at a couple different expensive retailers, but am loathe to pay full price for anything I can make myself! (I wear my hair up nearly everyday, so I am always in search of pretty things to put in my hair)

These clips are made on a wool felt base, and are hand beaded, sequined, crystallized, and couched with metal chain. I used glass beads, and real gold thread for various details, and they are completely hand made with only the felt, sparkly bits, a needle and thread, and an embroidery hoop! (oh! and the clip and a little glue.)

 I made them in colors I wear quite commonly, so I can mix and match them into my daily wardrobe. I love the addition of a little sparkle to my hair (or my daughter’s) and they were really fun to make (so you can believe I’ll be making more!)

  The back of the clips have some fun fabrics, and alligator clips, that hold them firmly in place. I would love your vote, and I am excited to share my tutorial for these, since I am pretty sure almost everyone needs these clips in their lives!

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