Isaac’s Creepy Clown Hat {So You Think You’re Crafty entry brought home}

The Creepy Clown Hat

Okay, so my Boy’s Week project is quite possibly my favorite thing I have made, EVER. I have a middle-schooler who pretty much doesn’t play with toys anymore, and isn’t very easy to impress with homemade things, so when I was thinking about what to make for him, I was struggling with what he would actually like, let alone use. The weather where we are has been FREEZING and I all of a sudden knew exactly what would strike him as the perfect, most awesome tween boy accessory ever………

 I know you are probably thinking, “a hat? not that awesome.” and although I FEEL pretty awesome about the fact that it is my first from scratch knitting pattern (AND I managed to make it fit, and have ear flaps) and I love that it is all 100% wool with a hand-stitched micro-fleece lining so that only soft stuff is against his head, what makes this hat awesome……, that’s not big enough, what makes this hat AWESOME! is the top view……

Yup, it’s a cute and creepy clown. I cannot even tell you how much he loves this hat, it struck his funny bone, created LOTS of friend envy at school (everyone likes to hear that their mom is awesome right?…….or maybe it’s just the mom that likes to hear that her kid’s friends think she is awesome) and he has not wanted to take it off since I gave it to him (he also does this creepy thing where he puts it over his face and walks around silently, and it is NOT cute.) I crocheted the details for the pom pom nose, the mouth, and the eyes, and the hair has a crocheted base, with latch-hooked hair one strand at a time.  I know I shouldn’t love it as much as I do, it makes NO sense, since it is honestly so odd, and I am probably patting myself on the back a little too much (ya think?) but I can’t help it! There’s just something about thinking of an idea all on your own, and then having it turn out exactly as planned, and then to have it loved by the recipient? Icing on the cake! 

I hope you like it as much as I do, because I would love your vote!!!

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