Project Run and Play {week 2}

Yay, it’s week 2 of Project Run and Play! (I keep feeling like I should say, yay! I can’t believe I made it to week two!) I am ever so glad I did though, because I really like the outfit I made for this week’s theme! I really wasn’t sure what to do for Stripes and Polka Dots, since there are just SOOOOOO many things that could be done for it! But then I found this really great fabric with finger painted swirls on it, and knew I wanted to make an art smock…..
I guess I’ll start with the under layers of this look and build up to the smock part! I made the top out of a great painterly style stripe, I really liked the colors, and they just screamed “ARTIST!” at me. 

 The top is made in a peasant style with raglan sleeves, a gathered neck that is bound in handmade bias tape, and there is a lovely raw cotton panel in the front that is embroidered with a lacy edge. (I added lace to the sleeve edge, to tie in the front yoke panel)

There are 9 buttons down the front of this shirt in 2 different sizes, I splatter painted raw wood buttons, before sealing them, in order to tie in the paint theme. There is a slight gather at the bottom of the yoke, to pull some of the neck fullness  that was taken out by the addition of the yoke to front of the shirt.

 The pants were my husband’s favorite part of this outfit, (they were also the last part as I was trying to figure out how to make it look pulled together and didn’t love previous plans.)

 In order to make the pants, I took some gray canvas fabric I have had in my stash FOREVER (It reminded me of a painter’s drop cloth in texture) and I traced my pattern for the pants on the bias (since I was making them a little skinny, I wanted the stretch that the bias would offer for bending the knees and room in the seat.) I didn’t cut the fabric at this stage, and instead I got out matching acrylic paint to my striped fabric, and I added fabric medium to the paint.

 Next I used a fat handled paintbrush, dipped the end into my paint, and put polka dots all over the fabric. I sort of love that the polka dots are paint with this whole look, it just feels like the whole theme is sealed in these pants!

 I then let the paint dry, and cut the pants out, and sewed them together one section at a time with red top stitching. Everywhere there was a seam I painted yellow in long strokes, so that some of the red stitching continued to show through. I added a band of matching stripy fabric to the hem of the pants, so they could be turned up as cuffs.

She made me promise to crop any of her belly out, so the top of the pants is slightly missing in this shot, I love my modest little girl! There is a small bit of room in these pants at the waist so she can keep on growing without OUT growing these before next fall, while still fitting well enough for now. 

Okay, and now for the smock, which was the inspiration for the whole outfit!

I began with an amazing grey linen oil cloth, I found it on Etsy, and it was sort of funny, because the fabric was HERE in Korea, but they wanted to mail it to the states before sending it back here to me in Korea…. Luckily I was able to get it sent to a friend with an address off base here in Korea, so that it didn’t have to go that circuitous a route!  

 The fabric I used for the polka dots was a great finger paint style fabric made by Camelot fabrics

 I finished the edges of the holes I cut in the linen fabric, and then backed the holes with 9 different colors of the finger paint fabric, (18 holes total) that I ironed a clear vinyl onto, next I top stitched  on the linen with a zig zag stitch and a straight stitch. I liked the sort of crafty look it had, more of a handmade look based on the over lapping of the stitches where I reversed to end the lines, etc. I don’t even mind if the thread gets  stained with paint ever, since it will just add to the look of artsyness! Oil cloth is pretty stinking hard to work with since it is NOT AT ALL forgiving, but I sooo love the natural linen feel along with the polka dot pops of color!

The back of the smock crosses over, and the only seams are on the shoulders,
The whole thing slips over her head and leaves her arms free to move easily. I bound all the edges in my stripe fabric, and like the thread, I think any dripped paint wouldn’t hurt the painterly stripe at all!

 I added more of the top stitching to the shoulder seam, to tie it in too. all of the bias binding is hand sewn down on the inside so that no stitching shows from the front.

 The undershirt has short sleeves, so no elbows make it into the paint! (at this point I would like to thank my Paul for making me a palette out of some scrap melamine that happened to come along with the move, I drew it up for him, and he jig sawed it out, and used a dremmel to sand all the edges round so it was finished nicely, no skimping on props with him around!)

 And then my little Emmie girl styled herself! She asked for the green sprayed buns, the miss matched gummy bear earrings, and the paint brush buns. (she even painted a stripy,  polka dot butterfly to keep up with the theme!)

AND if you have stayed with me for that long, you probably deserve a prize! But instead, will you jump over to Project Run and Play and vote? Thanks so much!!!

Edited to add: And if you are keeping up with So You Think You’re Crafty, the results from week 2 are in, and I came in second with my knitted clown hat! Here’s the link to show the break down of the scores! I can’t wait for Monday’s crafts to go up, I’m pretty excited about what I made!

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