Bow Tie Bow {Tutorial}

I recently had a friend message me on FB to ask me about making a bow tie tutorial; since we had recently discussed how I do it. Since I knew I could make one in just a couple of minutes I quickly put one together using cell phone pictures (so sorry about the quality.)
To begin with, I picked apart a junk tie that my brother in law gave me, and cut a rectangle of silk from the fabric, the size will depend on how big a bow you want. Next I sewed the rectangle into a tube lengthwise, and pressed the seam flat in the middle. Then I sewed the ends shut, leaving the seam in the center and clipped the corners. Then I unpicked about an inch in the middle of the bow seam, and then used the hole to turn the tube and pressed the whole thing the right way.    
Next I folded the tie into quarters and snipped the tie a quarter of the way down the length from the end. 

 and then I poked the opposite end through the hole.

 Using a piece of fabric on the straight grain, I hand sewed a band in the center. I added an elastic headband to mine as I sewed the center, but you could add a band of fabric to make a neck tie, or glue a pin to it to make a brooch. As a side note, forever 21 has these headbands 5 for $1, which I think is a serious bargain!

 And then here is what it looks like on Emmie’s head. I like the real bow tie effect, and think that this is a super cute look for very little work!!!

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