Charming Red Necklace {So You Think You’re Crafty entry brought home}

For my red project I was originally fairly stumped, you see, I’m not really a red person. Oh, I like red well enough, but I much prefer things in the blue or green family. After thinking and thinking about it for a bit, I came up with a project that I not only love, and think I will get a lot of use out of, but it also makes me rethink my opinion on RED! For my project, I offer up this “Charming” Red Necklace (Oh ouch, bad pun!) I love jewellery so much, so you can imagine I’m like a kid in a sweet shop when I look at some of the items at JACOBS THE JEWELLER.
The faceted red glass beads are all hand strung onto silver wire, and then there are more than 65 charms hanging from the 3 glass bead strands.

Some of the charms came from fabulous earrings missing their companion, some from local markets, and some are just plain ones from the jewelry department at Michael’s that I got on clearance forever ago, (there are also a couple of handmade glass beads that were gifts from lamp-working friends.) The back is closed with a toggle clasp, and there is a hanging charm dangling down at the end of a row of red beads. I love how many colors I am going to be able to wear with this necklace, and how eclectic it is, it looks like something out of a great vintage store or boutique

I hope you think my project is as “charming” as I do! And I would LOVE your vote!

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