Hand Dyed Quilt {So You Think You’re Crafty entry brought home}

Hand Dyed and Screen Printed Quilt.
This quilt top was completely made from white cotton fabric that I hand dyed, and then screen printed with white pearl pigment. There are 13 different colors of dye, in this quilt. Yup, I said THIRTEEN!!! I chose colors that made me think of summer and fun (mostly because it is COLD where I live!) I cut 3 yards of fabric into 12 fat quarters, and dyed and printed each one individually, before cutting and sewing each fat quarter into the blocks in this quilt. There are 12 different images screen printed onto the different fat quarters, and each of the screens are my own drawings, and made by me. A quilts hanger came in very handy in this process as the finished product was so big.

I thickened my dyes with sodium alginate so that I could put a brown patterned base on all my quarters, and smear the other 12 dyes onto my fabric. There is an Asian doll theme to all of my screen prints, to match my Daughter’s room. The back of the quilt is a commercial cotton that I found in the same colors as my dyed fabrics. The whole quilt is randomly machine quilted with yellow thread on top, and fuchsia thread on the bottom. The quilt binding is more hand dyed fabric, pieced together in patches, and then the whole quilt was thrown in the washer and dryer to fluff it up. This quilt took FOREVER to finish, it was a several day process to dye and rinse the fabric, before we even talk about the piecing and the quilting (I’m not going to lie, I only finished it the day it was due.) But it was a totally satisfying project because I now have something really substantial that will be toted around all summer for picnics and reading on the grass, and the top is TOTALLY my own printed fabric!!!

I hope you like it too, as I would love your vote!!!!

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