Jupukka Plush Jacket Knockoff {So You Think You’re Crafty entry brought home}

Jupukka Plush Jacket Knockoff 
Hey everyone! My name is Catherine and I blog over at cathgrace, where I do a lot of sewing and crafting, and I want to thank Roxy for having me here today! I am here to share a knock off I did of Anthropologie’s Jupukka Plush Jacket. 

Now I LOVE me some Anthropologie stuff, and I own A LOT of it purchased right from the store, but occasionally (okay regularly) I have some trouble buying from there. I am 5’9″,wear 30F bras, and I have had a couple of kids; all of this adds up to, too tall, too busty, and too much junk in my lower half to wear many of the cute things Anthro has on offer, (which is why I have started to make some of my own things inspired by the clothes and accessories I love from Anthropologie.) Because of my body shape I have to try everything on before buying it, which in my current circumstance is not happening (I moved to South Korea last summer with my US Air Force Husband) AND I hate to say it, but even when I can try things on, I am occasionally disappointed in the quality (hint, hint Anthropologie, we do notice the quality issues.)

For the purposes of this jacket knockoff, quality was actually the largest factor in me making my own rather than buying Anthro’s version. If you look at the above picture, (it is from the catalog shot) the Jupukka Plush Jacket is a beautiful, short piled, fur jacket, with a stunning blanket stitched border, with a crocheted edge. Now look at the picture below,

   The jacket that went into production has cheap looking longer fur, cropped sleeves, and instead of the crocheted edge, there is a gappy woven trim, that is so stiff the neck hugging collar is not so neck hugging and had to be folded over. The ties are totally different, the shape is totally different, and in short, this jacket is just SOOO much less than the catalog shot.

I decided that I could make my own version of the Jupukka jacket, eliminating all the things I didn’t like about the version that went into production, with the added benefit of being able to alter the jacket to fit my proportions while I was at it! Here is my version…….

I made my jacket out of an indigo blue cotton velvet I had in my stash, and I hand dyed 100% wool yarn to make the single crocheted edge.

 I changed the sleeve cuff to being a knitted cuff, because I wanted it to pull in with the ribbing and liked the look better.

 I left my sides split almost all the way up with just 4″ at the top secured down, it looks to me like the catalog shot is open at the sides, and I decided I liked the look much more then the closed sides on the production version. I also lengthened the body to more of a tunic length, because it is much more flattering on me than a cropped look.

 I lined my whole jacket in micro-fleece, (the production piece is supposedly unlined) and it has turned out to be the perfect mid-weight piece. (I also got rid of the pompoms on my version. I made some, I just wasn’t feeling them, so I went with tassels.) Anyway, I didn’t want to totally dominate Roxy’s blog with every single detail of the making of for those of you who aren’t DIYers, but if you hop on over to my blog, I have a full tutorial, and a lot more pictures showing all the details of how you can make your own Jupukka Plush Jacket Knock off! Thanks again for having me Roxy!

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