Project Run and Play Week #5, {Men’s Dress Shirt Challenge}

For my Men’s Shirt Week outfit, I was a little bit stumped at first; you see here in S.Korea, there aren’t really thrift stores in the same way there are in the states, and although on base there is a thrift shop, it is rather small (there were less than 5 men’s shirts on the rack) EXCEPT in their uniform section. There are a TON of Blues shirts in the thrift shop (blues are sort of the business suits of the USAF), the kind you often see paired with cargo pants for men when out and about and looking at fashion choices on the street, so I had a ton of pale blue shirts to select from, and suddenly the idea for my look formed.
I’m calling it “Dress Blues” because I was feeling particularly punny when I named it, and I hope you can still see all the details through the questionable pictures! (I am afraid I didn’t get the best pictures of this outfit because it has been FREEZING here to the point the air base has closed all the roads to driving several times due to ice, and I haven’t been able to get out anywhere for a pretty photo shoot with lots of light!) The poor baby’s nose is actually a little pink in all the pictures just from the quick walk to the place we went on base to take the pictures! (-4 degrees with wind chill will do that to you!)

Since we were allowed to use more than just one shirt in the challenge, I actually used 7 shirts.

I picked apart every seam, of all the shirts, which was insane! I used 6 of the shirt backs to make up the skirt, and the 7th to make the back 2 pieces of the fully lined bodice. The front is made up of several of the fronts, and so on throughout the dress. Although I chose to make this dress a shirt dress, I didn’t use the original collar or cuffs from the blue’s shirts, as they were much to big for Emmie, instead I made a custom double collar,

and double cuffs,

The sleeve has a regular cuff, but also a doubled extra portion that folds back almost like a collar, with two layers and a button and loop, so that when she is wearing a cardigan, she can turn the cuff back over it to show the blue at the wrist.

What I DID use from the original shirts were the shoulder passants. (the little shoulder tabs) There are 14 of them total between the 7 shirts, and they were originally designed to hold your rank on your blues shirt. I added the 14 tabs around the waist at the same time I sewed the skirt on, and then I added the original shirt buttons to the bodice and buttoned the passants onto them. Next I made strips of fabric, that I wove in and out to make wide a basket woven belt.

The dress is buttoned at the neck, and there is a hidden side zip for getting in and out of the dress.

Kimchi! (all Korean children pose like this for photos and say “Kimchi” instead of “cheese” for photos!)

Now you can see why I never leaver her hair flat for photo shoots, it’s not so conducive for seeing the clothes! (she wants to be Rapunzel one day.)

Here we are, the back of the dress has the same wide belt running around it. 🙂

In the spirit of upcycling, I made Emmie a cardigan out of a sweater I have had for ages that I didn’t love. (it was too big for me.)
I cut a whole new body, using the hem ribbing at the bottom and I serged the original neck trim back onto the cardigan, along with the newly cut sleeves.
Since I added a split to the front of the sweater, I trimmed the inside edge with the same knit I used for the leggings, and added large navy, fabric covered snaps to close the cardigan.
Down the front of the cardigan I added bunches of 3 jewels over each of the snaps. (The dress took HOURS, including replacing a broken zip last second, and of course the 2 hour cardigan is Emmie’s favorite part of the outfit.)
The leggings are just simple with a yoga pant waist, done in a whimsical print (there are kitties driving cars, birds, and bunnys etc.) and they are so she can stay modest and comfortable while she plays. I added a little gather and a jewel at each hem. I really like this print as a touch for youthening up the look, although I really dig the preppy school uniform vibe the outfit has.
I hope you like my look, as I would LOVE your vote, and LOVE to show you my signature look! So please, please, please hop on over to Project Run and Play and Vote!

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