Emmie’s Quilt

Remember when Emmie got a sewing machine for Christmas? She finally finished the quilt she was working on!!!

 She cut out all the pieces by herself (using my go baby cutter) and then she sewed the whole top by herself, and did about 50% of the quilting herself! (she was really nervous about ruining all her work, and quite daunted by the quantity of the work in the quilting, so I did every other square for her; I quilted every square that had a plaid block and she did the rest, it alleviated her anxiety that she wasn’t doing it right, because I kept taking turns with her at the machine, and it was done in a day, vs. the forever it would have taken her.)

It’s not perfectly sewn (there are a few tucks sewn into the back, a little wonkyness in the front, and I even found a few places where she hadn’t managed to catch both pieces of fabric in the seam allowance) But we just sewed any holes shut, and you can’t even see much of the wonky now it has been washed and fluffed, and to me it is PERFECT. She gave this quilt to my sister Sarah when she arrived today for a 2 week visit (thus the final push to get it finished, she wanted to have it ready in time for Sarah.) I am sooooo proud of Emmie though, she worked for hours to get the border pieced, and even unpicked some squares that weren’t sewn in the right order during the process. I am ready to see her next big project!!! (she has only been sewing little things until this was finished, since I didn’t want her having a MILLION things going at once……. not that she’s seen anyone who works like that at all. nope. not me.

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