Milk Paint Stool

So I have a stool that I think EVERY person in the world needs. I certainly didn’t discover this stool, (as it’s from IKEA) But trust me, if you don’t have one, you NEED one. It will be the best $15 you have ever spent. 
I have had this stool in it’s original unpainted form for years in my studio; I have used it as my weaving bench, as extra seating, and as a step stool to get to the highest things on top of my shelving. Then we moved here to Korea, and I use it to get to tall things in my kitchen, as seating when I craft in the kitchen, and it tends to move around the apartment a bit when I am not looking.
Because of being in the kitchen the unsealed wood was starting to look shabby with drips of water, so I have been wanting to paint it, but didn’t know what color to use. I have also decided to paint my dining room table, due to all the scratches the movers put in the top, and recently decided to do it in Miss Mustard Seed’s Flow Blue milk paint; I thought that the stool was the perfect opportunity to test out the color (without committing to it on my whole table yet) 

 The color is about this shade of blue in the picture above, rather than the one below, but the one below is straight out of my phone camera.

I have to say, I really enjoyed using the milk paint, it was easy to use, covered well, sanded back perfectly, and feels like satin when waxed. I am a little scared of the color for my dining table, so I am going to be walking the stool around my dining/living room to see it on the rugs, and with the other furniture, but I think I really like it…… I’m just nervous! (our table is 70+ years old, and I LOVE it, but there are some major across the grain scratches that the movers put in the top, and there really would be no way I could fix them without sanding the finish off the whole table so that it matched everywhere, and I just don’t have the facilities or the desire to do that right now.)

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