Nautical Boxes For The Kid’s Bathroom

I have 2 paper mache boxes that I bought YEARS ago before Emmie was born, (I put them in her nursery to hold q-tips and cotton balls) that no longer fit in with anything we had going on (although they are still used to hold cotton balls and q-tips in the kid’s bathroom) and they were looking a little worse for wear (one had water damage on its label) So I decided to give them a little makeover so that they go with the kid’s bathroom now.
I had left over milk paint from the small batch I made up yesterday, so I decided to use it to make my boxes have a vintage nautical theme. I wet the labels off, and painted 2 coats of milk paint on each box, and then after letting them dry, I sanded back the edges and high points (I was sort of surprised that no green showed through, only the white on both boxes.)  

Next I used acrylic paint, and painted a whale on one box, and nautical flags on the other (I used Isaac and Emmie’s initials on the flags) EDIT: I totally forgot to add that I finished the boxes by waxing them with furniture wax. Sorry the pictures are bad cell phone pictures, but I thought getting them posted, was probably better than perfecting the pictures. I will post better one’s later when I show off their whole bathroom.

For context though, here’s their piratical/nautical flag sower curtain,

and then there is this canvas print on the wall, (purchased from urban outfitters.)

Anyway, this was just a quick relaxed project that has been on my to do list, and I am loving being done with all the work from my competitions (So You Think You’re Crafty’s last week is this Monday, I am already done with the project though!) so that I CAN just sort of muddle through the little things that have been needing to get done around here!

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