Breaks Etc…….

So I know I’ve been missing, but I haven’t been lazing about, just taking a break from blogging for a bit (not actually on purpose, I’ve just been super busy and taking pictures and editing them, then writing a post just wasn’t making the cut.)
We got back from China, and the kids went back to school while I have been trying to finish a lot of projects around the house (I sort of let things slip during So You Think You’re Crafty and Project Run and Play.) I have also been closing out the fiscal year for my volunteer position in the Osan Air Force Base Officer’s Spouse’s Club (I’m the Welfare Committee Chairperson) so that is involving a lot of buckling down with numbers and record keeping for my doomsday report. (Not my strength.)
Anyway, around the house some of the changes I have made have been to the hallway, I bought and had framed a giant map of the world. The kids are loving using white board markers to write about where they’ve been, where people they love are, and where they would like to go. I never thought they’d enjoy them so much, perhaps if I get them some different ones they’d find even more joy when deciding where they want to go in the future! I’ve come across a lot of different types of markers I might like to use on the map, such as this chalk pack check it out, the extensive color range would be good for the map. (If you are wondering how big the map is, it is about 56″ by 33″ framed)

And then in my entryway I shopped around my house to make a new collage of stuff (I had things here before, they just weren’t working, and I moved a table so we had more room here.)

My sister brought me chair pads from IKEA when she came; they were plain cream ones that I asked her to pick up for me, because I already had the velvet fabric for them here in Korea (I brought it with me when I came) It’s a lovely woven fabric with a velvet pile in the teal blue parts (which explains the dark spot, it’s not a stain, the velvet is just brushed backwards in some spots.) I like the modern print with all the more antique stuff in my house, I think it’s the pop I needed to youthen it up.

And then I also made 2 throw cushions for my recliners, I made plain pillows from the crewel embroidered fabric that is in my curtains, and then made a pillowcase out of a vintage grain-sack (I even found one with my kids initials on it) that buttons on with antique mother of pearl buttons. (I’ve never seen another pillow quite like this, but I am pretty happy with how they worked out even if they are a little unusual.)

I still need to paint my dining table, but when I do, that will be the final task in my living/dining room so I will try to take pictures of it all then.

I am trying to get to my craft storage area, finishing off the family room, and Isaac’s bedroom too, over the next little bit (although that will have a few tutorials associated with it) I really do plan to share our vacation pictures, I am just trying to prioritize what needs to be done, with what I would like to do over the next little bit (I am much more unplugged than usual right now.)

Anyway, while I have been away have I missed anything exciting?

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  1. April 30, 2013 at 12:54 am

    Ok the map behind the glass and using white board markers is genius! I have a map I was about to put up but use the foam board underneath so the kids could put pins in of where we’ve been, but I think your idea is longer lasting. Now to find a frame with glass that big…my map is 50×30.

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