Emmie the Chef

We are back from China! We have actually been back a couple of days, but since it still has been spring break, I haven’t been on the internet much. But as all good things must come to an end, everyone is back at school and work now, so I am trying to clean the house and catch up with photo editing so I can share our China pictures. 
To prove I am not dead, I have a couple of pictures to share, (sorry if you are on instagram, because I already shared one of these over there.) Emmie has joined the cooking club at school, and obviously needed a chef’s outfit (tell me we are not the only family that needs specialty outfits for everything?) 

 I made her a quick and dirty double-breasted smock off of a t-shirt pattern I had (I just split the front and added some length to the middle) and although you can’t see all the details, there are side vents, and 10 buttons down the front. The collar was just one I threw together, since a t-shirt pattern obviously wouldn’t have one like this. The sleeves are full length, but Emmie assures me that all chef’s fold their sleeves back. I used my Embroidery machine to embroider her name on the front.

The apron has 2 pockets built into the front, and it was made from a 1/2 yard of Japanese fabric I have had in my stash for ages. The hat is just a circle of muslin gathered into a band. 

I am pretty sure she will be the only one dressed up (Emmie is in middle school, but because she skipped a grade, she is only 10; I love the fact that she just doesn’t buy into any of the middle school popularity, what’s cool/what’s not, stuff yet) but she has been practicing her French chef accent, so I bet no one even notices the outfit because she will be too busy saying “magnifique!”and “héhéhé” as she whisks things!

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