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Anyone on my Instagram will have already seen these, but I thought I would share progress over here, These pictures are of our new patio rug!

We bought super realistic Astro Turf from the flower market ($125 worth) and used it to make a rug! The rug is weatherproof, has drainage holes, and is designed to be outside so we have no worries about that, and it’s actually cheaper than a lot of outdoor rugs. I also want to buy a new rug for indoors, so my friend told me to check out this Online Resource to help me choose a contemporary rug. I’m really pleased with this outdoor rug so far though. We had to have one seam, but it was pretty easy to deal with, I used a strip of left over outdoor fabric, and silicone caulk as glue to back the seam and hold it all together. You can still see the seam a little bit, but it is actually getting better all the time, as the pile relaxes from being rolled up, and is sitting more naturally. I think my next purchase for our patio will be something along the lines of this 2 seat patio set as I think it will go quite well with our rug.

I guess cleaning wise I will probably vacuum it or something, but either way I love it!!! I can’t wait to get some more patio furniture from the hardware store to make this area even more special. Local’s here really don’t do grass (they farm peppers for kimchi in all little bits of land, (except ancestor burial areas,) and it’s probably not a great idea to play in that grass) and the grass on base is all dog territory, so not very tempting to stand barefoot on! I got a wild hare when I saw this grass was so reasonably priced at the flower market, and I knew I had to have it!

I only have a couple of things left on my list before the patio is finished, I am looking forward to all the warm weather we have coming up, so that we can actually use the patio!

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