A Knock Off Dress in the Making……..

I have just received some fabric in the mail to make a dress that I have been thinking about for ages, The Truly Me Chevron Maxi Dress by Bunnies Picnic. 
(the picture can be clicked on and is a link to the pinterest pin, but the dress can be found at it’s source here.) Other than the fact that the original dress is sold out which means I cannot get my hands on it anyway, the main reason I wanted to make this dress rather than buy it, was because I didn’t feel like there was quite enough coverage in the top (mostly the back of the dress, but the front scoop neck is a little low for my taste too.) The original dress is made out of jersey, but I couldn’t find any knit fabric in the right sort of stripe, so I am using quilter’s cotton instead. 
I got the blue and cream faux shibori from Joann’s ages ago before we moved to Korea, but the stripe just arrived today from fabric.com. I know the faux shibori isn’t quite the same as the original dress, but I like it anyway, and this way I don’t have to dye anything 🙂 
Anyway, I am going to try to come up with a pattern for a top I like, and then will try to do a tutorial on my version of the dress. Any suggestions for keeping the spirit of the dress, while adding a little more coverage for a little girl to be able to play comfortably in??? 

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