Sarah’s Quilt

So I haven’t even started working on Emmie’s maxi-dress because I recently had some plans change around here, instead of going to the US for July with my whole family, now only I am going for a week, to see my Gramma (who will be visiting from South Africa,) and be part of Sarah’s baby shower (oh by the by, I can’t remember if I said it or not, but her lil punkin is a baby boy, due the last few days in September!) I mean I am going to see my family, and not JUST my Gramma, and Sarah’s baby shower, but those things are driving the timeline! We will all be heading back to the US for a visit in September/October (to meet the lil punkin) but this end of June visit is not that visit.

ANYWAY to make a long story longer, I have a lot I need to do, and not a lot of time to do it in now. I am making the bedding set for Sarah’s nursery, so I have spent the last week making the top of her quilt, so that I can take it up to Seoul to be quilted (I usually do my own machine quilting, but there is a quilting machine at the army base, and I want to try it out, it’s computerized, so it makes pretty pictures, and I want to see if I like it for Isaac’s viking quilt too, since one of the sets of pictures they have to quilt into things is viking based with horned helmets and everything…. I know right? who knew.) I still have to make the bed skirt and bumpers, but here is the quilt top.

I seriously don’t know why this looks blurry, it wasn’t in my phone. I’ll be sure to take non blurry pictures of the finished product! This was made with a Moda Hideaway charm pack and the border used parts from a jelly roll from the same line. The white was just 5″ squares I cut out from white cotton. Sarah Picked out the pattern (she’s going with a coo coo clock/Dutch/garden gnome thing in the nursery that I thing is going to be beyond adorable.)

Anyway, I am trying to get a lot of stuff done, in addition to getting the kid’s last few weeks of school out of the way. Summer is hard here on base because there are a lot of nice people moving, but I guess there are a lot of nice people moving in too, so that is good!!! The weather has finally warmed up, so we are getting outside a lot more (Paul and I walk 3 miles almost every night) and I need to do a lot more sewing for the kids to have their summer wardrobe. (although I am tempted to buy a bunch of that in the states during my visit, that is in-between double-fisting American food and smooching on family! Oh, AND standing in Target, man could I be happy just standing in a Target right about now.)

I have been making over a shelf/cupboard thingy too (if you follow my instagram you have seen the before) so I just have finishing touches on that before it’s ready to hang in the kid’s bathroom, and my burlap wreath, and my front door makeover, etc. anyway I have lots to share as always, but instead of sharing, I just move on to the next thing!!!

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