I have fallen off the planet!

So I may have not fallen off the planet, but I have TRAVELED around the planet! I just got back a few days ago from an eleven day trip to the states! I didn’t even have enough time to be jet lagged, so I saved it all up and am twice as jet lagged now!
I went to the US to see my family (my gramma was visiting my mom from South Africa) and to have Sarah Bear’s baby shower and help to decorate her nursery! I also did a ton of shopping; getting the kid’s summer wardrobe, things for the house, stuff from the fabric store, etc.
Paul was totally awesome and sent me off, took care of everything around the house with the kids, and even had everything spotless when I got home. (Let’s be honest, it’s probably easier to keep the house spotless when I’m not home trashing the place with my projects.)
Anyway, I have tons of photos from the baby shower, and I have been crazy productive since getting home (I’ve been getting up at 5:00 a.m. so it’s pretty easy to get a lot done) but here are a few of my Instagram shots (plus a couple of other phone pictures) from the last couple of days!
Sweet Sarah’s bump has grown a lot since she was here in Korea in March!
The baby’s room got an awesome mural on one wall!
we took Gramma to get Pinkberry!

And the baby shower was a success!
Since coming home I’ve been to 2 Drs. appointments (neither of which were mine.)
Finally made over my wall clock that has been hanging on the wall for the last year without batteries (I’ve got pictures for a tutorial)
Here’s the before……
And then the after! I was going for a pocket watch look, what do you think?
And then for dessert tonight I made lemon soufflés ala Martha Stewart magazine that were super yummy (I may try to remember to post the recipe, since they were divine!)
This is my first attempt posting from my phone via the new blogger app, I’m not sure about it yet since the pictures are so small, but I’m an old dog too, so I have a hard time adding new technology to what I do, but hopefully if it looks alright, I can use it to post more often when I am out.

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