Pocket Watch Wall Clock {tutorial tuesday}

Sorry about the cellphone pictures for this tutorial, but lately if it’s not on my phone, it’s not happening! The Summer has been amazing so far, so I haven’t been posting much, but have been soaking up time with my kiddos! (we are making quilts this week) This morning they are at Korean Summer School for 2 hours, (it’s a culture class they are going to all month) so I thought I would take this chance to post a tutorial for the wall clock I made a couple of weeks ago! I was originally inspired by this clock wall plaque from Pottery Barn, I didn’t want to do EXACTLY this, but I liked the pocket watch feel!

I started with a wall clock from Target,

I’m not in love with this clock at all; the face is paper with plastic numbers, and it just isn’t my thing. The shape of the wood body and the depth behind the glass is why I chose this one! (I say it’s not my thing, but I have actually had this clock hanging sans battery, on my wall, pointing at 10:01, for the last year…)

I began by dismantling the whole clock, it was just a few screws, and a rubber strip that was holding the glass in place. The pieces that I have to make it look like a pocket watch are the clock body, a wood curtain rod finial that I ordered from Hobby Lobby, and a brass ring (I think it’s a 4″ ring) also from Hobby Lobby.

Using a Dremmel with a sanding wheel, I sort of tried to shape the finial so that it matched the profile on the clock body. I then drilled a hole in the clock body, and put the screw on the bottom of the curtail finial through it with lots of wood glue. (Before this I had hand sanded the clock to roughen it up a bit.)

I used blue masking tape to put pressure on the glue as it dried. as you can see the Dremmel sanding wasn’t perfect, but it does sit down MUCH better than the flat bottom did.

I then used wood filler and paintable caulk to fill up the gaps between the finial and the clock body. I sanded and smoothed everything down after it dried.

While I was waiting for the clock body to dry, I got to work on the face. Before coming to Korea, Paul cut the face out for me, out of a piece of fake walnut paneling, we had left over from another project. he used the previous clock face as a template. I did the same thing with the drill as I drilled through the original clock face to center the hole in the middle. I very lightly hand sanded the surface to put a tooth on it.

Next I painted the face white with 2 coats of acrylic craft paint, and sanded it back to reveal the walnut underneath (don’t sand too hard, or you will sand through the faux walnut finish too.) And then I swiped a light coating of walnut wood stain over the face to age it up a bit.

The face template was made by evenly folding the circle of paper into 12ths, and then tracing letters and numbers I had printed off in the right size. I then scribbled with pencil on the back, taped it to my clock face, and then drew over the lines with pen and hard pressure.

I hand painted all of the letters and numbers in black craft paint, being careful not to smudge anything since I couldn’t touch up the white, once the stain was on it.

Here’s the face once sanded a little more, varnished, and with the hands installed. I sprayed a light coat of blackened bronze spray paint onto the hands so that they weren’t the gold color anymore.

Once the body was finished, I painted the finial dark brown, and drilled holes for the ring (Paul cut a small section out of the ring, so it would slot in the holes.) and then glued the ring in place. I then gold leafed the whole clock body using faux gold leaf and spray adhesive. After all the leafing was applied (I left it cracky and antiqued on purpose) I then added some stain, and varnish to finish the whole thing off with an antique look.

The only finished photo I have is an instragram one, but I have to say I love it!!! I finished the clock by gluing the glass back in (rather than reusing the brown rubber) and then putting everything back together the same way I took it apart (with the new face of course)

I got this clock specifically so that I could set it to US time, so I know what time it is in Arizona (where my family lives) this way I am not calling them at 2:00 in the morning ever! I monogrammed it with our last name (and USA) just for a touch of personalization. I am very happy with the feel it has, and I think it has the same sort of vibe as my Pottery Barn inspiration, while being a functioning clock, (I think mine looks more like a real pocket watch too) I can’t decide if the gold is too bright or not, but I guess that could be solved with a few swipes of gel stain. I would love to hear what you think about it!

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