Halloween 2013 {part 1}

Hello from Spain!!! I am on the last leg of our 2 month long trip to the US with a week of Spain, and Istanbul mixed in at the end. The kids are with my mom in the US, so I unfortunately will be missing Halloween with them this year, BUT I did manage to make 3 Halloween costumes before I left! I decided against making one for myself after finding an adorable frog onesie that matched the animal theme we were going for. Get ready to hop into this cuteness of a onesie! You can check it out online.

Today I am starting with youngest to oldest, and showing the costume that I made for my nephew, Baby Charley. (Who by the way is far and beyond the most delicious baby ever!) Sarah and Scott (my sister and brother-in-law to anyone who is new) decided on a puppy for Charley, and the costume was really a breeze to make as well as a family affair!

I made it out of micro fleece, using a the same pattern that I used for his monkey outfit

it came from Burdastyle’s Criss Cross Onesie in the September issue. For Charley’s dog costume, I simply folded the front piece in half and made it have two shoulders on front, and a rounded neckline. I cut the front on the fold, and the back in 2 pieces so that I had a back seam to sew snaps into for the neck, and a seam to insert the puppy tail! 🙂

By the way, how great does my sister look? She just had a baby 7 weeks ago, by emergency c-section, and she looks like a MILLION bucks. Anyway 🙂 the tail was just a strip of fleece sewn into a tube that tapered at one end, and then was turned inside out and sewn into the bum seam. The legs and back snap shut with snaps I put in with snap pliers, it couldn’t have been any easier.

the neck has a fold over elastic around it for a dog collar, it’s not stretched at all, since we didn’t want it tight around Charley’s neck.

My mom used her etching tool to write Charley’s name into the little jewelry finding we were using as a dog tag. Sarah and I are both too left handed to be trusted with something like that, so we were glad my mom volunteered!

We took baby boy to the puppy store to have his picture taken, and we were offered any puppy in the store in exchange for our puppy….
but we decided to keep our’s anyway!!!
The hat is made from this pattern I found on the internet for free, I really liked the shape, and found it very easy to sew up. The puppy ears were just rounded triangles that I winged the shape of, and sewed into the top seam (after sewing the pink to the dalmatian fabric, and turning the right sides out of course) I hand tacked the ears into the right position once the hat was made.
This sweet boy still sleeps for hours and hours, so we couldn’t manage to get any pictures of him awake!
our favorite things about this costume are:
1. that it is made out of micro fleece and a real baby outfit pattern, so it is comfy and cozy, on baby boy’s skin.
2. it took only 1.5 hours to make this costume from the moment I took out the fabric, until we were harassing the poor boy and making him be cute for us. (I love sewing with stretch fabric and a serger, it’s always so, so fast)
3. I love that my mom, sister, and I made this look together, I sewed the outfit, my mom did the name tag, and Sarah painted on the face and made the baby! I hope that we will be able to build even more memories together in the future making fun holiday traditions with our newest family member!
EVEN if he doesn’t seem to care one way or another!
I am going to post Emmie’s costume tomorrow, and then Isaac’s the day after, I am dying over how different they are from each other, it’s sooooo funny to see them and their personalities come out in their costume choices!

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