A Quick Spot of Rug Repair

Rugs are always great to have when your room is looking a bit bare because they add some color to the room, especially Bazaar Velvet – Hand Knotted Rugs. It’s because of this that while in the US I picked up a lovely runner from Target, only to get it here to Korea and realize that I hadn’t noticed a bald spot on one corner (and there are no Targets here for me to run into and exchange it!) So I decided that I would need to repair the damaged bit, and document it here while I was at it, incase anyone else ran into similar issues (not the Target rug in Korea bit, since that’s a little unusual, the bald spot bit…)

For step one, I found the closest colored yarn I had, it’s a wool yarn while the rug is polyester, but it’s all I had. I used a needle and thread in the base color, to stitch little loops of the yarn down in a whip stitch/couching motion.

For step two, since my yarn was a little brighter than the rug, I mixed brown paint, textile medium (to keep it from going crunchy) and water, to stain the yarn to be a little more brown. Then I used a paper towel, to sponge up the excess water and color, until I was happy with the color.

Step three, was to stand up and admire my work, it’s not perfect, but it’s hard to notice unless you are looking for it, and it’s much better than a bald spot. (dear Target, your quality control made me sad on this one item, but I will forgive you because I love you!) Now that the rug is fixed (well, kinda!) I’ve been looking at some Rug Cleaning Toorak companies so that I can get the rug looking good as new. It’s surprising how much dirt and dust can build up in all of the fabric! I’ll probably get it booked in to be cleaned next week.

Another quick project I just knocked out was a ballet skirt for Emmie (sorry about the bad picture, there is no light in our building, and it snowed today!!!) I just cut a circle out of some silk chiffon that my aunt gave me a million years ago, cut a smaller circle out of the middle, and used pink fold over elastic on the waist, and a zig zag stitch twice around the hem, it was super easy, and she is so excited to go to her first ballet class today!!!

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