My Kids Are So Cool {plus a lot of other random stuff}

Emmie decided to draw one of our leather recliners today, and Isaac helped manipulate it in photoshop to turn it into pop-art, and they did an amazing job! (She’s only 11, I am totally in love with how she made it a little stylized, but didn’t lose the essence or perspective of the chair.) 

Do I see being furniture and/or graphic designers in their future? Maybe not but it is still pretty stinking cool anyway! I ordered an 11″ x 11″ canvas of the picture for Emmie for Christmas, I may put a little glitter on it, and I will definitely have her sign it after she opens it. 🙂

As a side note, I love how sweet my kids are to each other, Isaac was so complimentary of her picture the whole time it was being worked on (and he has her illustrate things for him sometimes.)

We have finally stopped being so jet-lagged, but are missing family like crazy. Both kids were telling me “we miss baby Charley, and Target, and stuff……… Oh and Nana” so there you go mom, you know where you stand with them 🙂

That’s alright though, because Nana keeps sending us pictures showing us what we are missing out on! (baby Charley at 2 months, isn’t he delicious? He’s over 11 lbs now, it is SOOOOOO hard to believe that he was in the NICU on a respirator for the first week of his life, he is thriving now!)

Here’s a picture of him in his blessing outfit that Sarah and I made him while I was there, isn’t he adorable in white? Scott, (Sarah’s husband) is an Italian American, so baby boy is super olive skinned.

We used Simplicity 2347 to make this outfit, and we made it pretty much as recommended, (except we swapped out the crotch snaps for a hidden zip, which made the inseam a lot tidier I think.)

I have so many pictures to share from our trip, (we did so many things,) but for right now we are trying to get settled back into the house, and I am getting ready to decorate for Christmas a little early; I am part of a Holiday Parade of Homes that will be kicking off on Black Friday, so I am doing a lot of holiday projects to get ready for it. (I have almost finished 2.5 of 4 new Christmas stockings and still need to make a new tree skirt in addition to many other details that need to be done.)

Here are the first two stockings, I already shared them on instagram and facebook (follow and like me, please!?!)

I will have proper pictures and descriptions later when I finish all 4 stockings. (These 2 still need names and a few details added to them.)

Is anyone else already working on Christmas projects, or am I the only one jumping the gun?

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