Charley’s Nursery

I have about a million and one projects and events that I haven’t blogged about, so I thought I would at least start with the ones I have uploaded onto the computer! Today I am sharing baby Charley’s nursury (by the way, here is an updated picture of Charley at 3 months, isn’t he delish?) 
So these pictures aren’t the best, I took them at 6:30 the morning I left AZ, so the lighting wasn’t great, but if I wait until I try to adjust them in Photoshop, it will never happen! 

Sarah and I painted the Nursery when I visited for her baby shower in June of this year. She had closed on the house only weeks before, so this was the first room we painted!

 The Mural wall took forever, and was inspired by this pin on pinterest. We used painter’s tape and craft paint that was thinned down by glaze to paint the mural, and after it was all dry, Sarah went over the whole wall with clear varnish to make the paint hold up to little finger prints.

 The rocker makes me swell with pride every time I see it, Sarah recovered this rocker all by herself! She did such and amazingly professional job at it, I’ve told her she needs to write a tutorial for me to guest post here! My mom gave Sarah a cream colored chenille rocker, and this is the magic she made happen! (the pillow is Ikea)

 Just look at that killer pattern matching job she did! She even tufted the back so it was completely fitted like the original cover! (even the foot stool is pattern matched!)

 The crib is the Sniglar crib from Ikea, painted with milk paint, and waxed with non toxic wax, so that baby boy can chew on it all he wants without getting sick! (the milk paint was from Miss Mustard Seed, in the Tricycle color) Did you notice that the crib’s feet are in glass cups? That’s to stop SCORPIONS from being able to climb into the baby’s bed. Seriously, DON’T live in the desert.

 Above the crib are the paintings that I made for baby boy’s nursery, flanking a canvas Paul and I gave Scott and Sarah a couple of years ago for Christmas (the picture is one I took of Scott and Sarah.)

 The crib Bumpers only go around 3 sides of the crib, so you can still peek in on baby boy without stepping into the room.

 I gave the bumpers and the quilt to Sarah for her baby shower, they were part of the color inspiration for the room.

 I had the quilt machine quilted here in Korea, with a computerized quilting machine, and I may never quilt my own quilts again!!! The rug is from Ikea as well. I don’t actually have any brilliant pictures of the bed skirt, but I made it in 2 tiers, so that when the crib is in the lowered position, they will just need to tuck the under layer back, and have the right length of bed skirt.

 Here’s a detail of the quilting, it’s a pale yellow floral motif.

 The dresser is a piece of furniture my mom gave Sarah a couple of years ago, and Sarah and I refinished it. Although they used it as a TV stand before the baby was in the cards, the intention was to always put it in the nursery, so we painted it in the nursury’s theme way back then. (Sarah has known her nursery’s theme for a few years 🙂 )

 Here’s a picture without the lamp on, so you can see the art better. The lamp shade is from Ikea.

The artwork is actually what set the theme for the room; Sarah and Scott are HUGE Disney fans, and they LOVE Disneyland. The art work is from a trip we all took to Disneyland together, and the prints are from the original art rendered for It’s A Small World, by Mary Blair. (sorry about the rubbish picture)

 We framed pictures of baby boy in along with the Mary Blair art, and all the frames are from Ikea. The changing pad on top can easily be removed when Charley is too big for it, and the dresser will stand alone as a great piece of furniture.

 We hand painted little hearts and birds on the dresser that was originally orange knotty pine; the knobs came from Hobby Lobby (or Knobby Lobby as Scott likes to call it, since half the time we go there it’s for knobs for refinished pieces of furniture!)

 The drapes came from Ikea too, Sarah just hemmed them. (are you getting an Ikea/refinished donated items theme to the cost of the Nursery?)

 The coo coo clock is one my baby sister was sent as a gift years ago, that doesn’t work anymore, so she gave it to Sarah to be just a looking at clock. Scott set it to the time Charley was born, which I though was an adorable touch!

 The shelves are some my mom gave Sarah, that she repainted. The candles are from Target, Sarah bought the little wood porcupines when she visited me here in Korea, and the little stuffed squirrel is in honor of the squirrel that chose to commit suicide under our car tires when Sarah, the kids and I did our cross country road trip just before moving to Korea (we were thoroughly traumatized at the time!)

 Behind the door Sarah still needs to hang up a cute needle point done by Scott’s mom when he was born, one done by our mom when Sarah was born, and Scott’s mom is currently working on one for Charley’s birth.

 Above the closet we stuck a clock that actually tells time, so Sarah knows how long she has been nursing for etc. The house came with a built in bookshelf, that Sarah has already stocked with lots of books for baby boy!

 Here’s a more close up view of the canvases; I love this picture of Sarah and Scott! Scott says I should get a canvas for myself and hang it above my sewing table, so they can look at me while I sew (and I am supposed to imagine them saying “what-cha making?”)

 I painted the side canvases in acrylic craft paint, to go with the sort of Nordic look to the room.

 It’s all a little tongue in cheek, and an inside joke, we really love lots of babies (don’t send me hate mail please?)

 I’m not a professional painter by any stretch, but I think for folk style art, that’s okay!

 Anyway, Sarah and I had SO much fun putting the nursery together, it’s a calming room that still has massive pops of color, and is “gender neutral” without being bland. Sarah plans on having her kids pretty close together, so baby boy will need to make way for baby #2 in around the next 3 or so years (I’m not throwing a super specific number out there since it’s not my uterus!) and Charley would then move into another bedroom.

Thanks for letting me share the room Bear, I love what you have done with your cute house, I love your sweet baby, and I LOVE you!

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