Christmas Open House {part 1}

Our apartment building recently had a Christmas Open House, where 9 apartments in the building decorated for Christmas, and then opened their home to be toured by other members of the community; it was a really fun event, and it was really cool to see how different each of our homes are, even though we all live in essentially the same style apartments! I was one of the homes on the tour, so before everyone showed up, I took pictures of all of the house to share here on the blog; today for part one, I am showing the bedrooms, hallway, and kid’s bath (if you remember I have already shared the master bathroom) I love our home. As much as I love everything in this house, I didn’t realise I had many things until people started pointing it out in the tour. It’s not a bad thing, but if I ever decided to move, the use of a Canada Moving Company would have to be in order. I wouldn’t be able do this on my own for sure. Anyway, a few months ago I was actually looking at moving to waterfront lake simcoe innisfil but we decided not to move house in the end. I’m happy with our house at the minute though. We knew we could move if really wanted to thanks to the Backloading Removals in our area.

Here’s what you see as you walk in the front door. on the right are 2 shoe racks from Ikea, along with a wall of canvases, and on the left is the coat closet.

Straight ahead is a wall, with a collection of stuff on it; the silver tray chalkboard is one I made, and the object on the bottom right is an antique Korean reed for weaving fabric.

If I look back at the door this is the view,

All of the canvases are collected from various special occasions in our lives, mostly while we have visited world wonders (my bucket list is to see them all!) but also pictures with my mom and gramma, graduating from college, Paul and I renewing our vows on our 12th anniversary etc. The half round table is an antique, and the letters on top are metal monograms from Anthropologie, and they spell out “griffith”

Now if you are standing with the door to your back, and turn left down my hallway, this is what you see…

The first door on the right is Emmie’s, the next is Isaac, the end of the hall is the master bedroom, and then to the left is the kid’s bathroom.

Emmie’s door is labeled with her name on the side.

I’ve actually already shared her room before, so I won’t really post about it here, but you can click on the link to see it.

Isaac’s room also has his name on the outside of it (the letter’s are from Hobby Lobby) The sewing patterns are on a re-purposed postcard rack.

On Isaac’s door, there is a Christmas wreath I made him to go with his room’s theme (Emmie has one too, I just forgot to take a picture of it.) The wreath is just a plain one from Ikea, with ribbon’s and a model plane, along with some military decoration ribbons.

As you walk in Isaac’s door, you are met by the side of his huge antique wardrobe, a feature wall of wallpaper, his curtains, bed, and desk.

The wallpaper was from a clearance store in VA, and I got it before we moved to Korea. The wall lamp is from Ikea, as is the rug, and duvet cover. The desk is one we got off of craigslist in the US, and then spray painted, and changed out the knobs. The hawk is a kite we got Isaac in China, and the curtains are linen ones I made for his room.

The shelf above Isaac’s bed is from Hobby Lobby, and I fabric covered the baskets inside (I have a whole tutorial I need to write about it and everything, I just haven’t actually sat to write about it.) The side table is a thrift store find that I painted, and the bed came from an antique store that I restored.

The chest at the bottom of Isaac’s bed was picked up at an estate sale, and I wrote a tutorial for how I re-did it. I also have one for the 3 piece suit union jack pillow,

The wardrobe is an English antique, and Isaac stores all his toys in it. The basket on top holds all his sweaters, and is from Pottery Barn.

The view towards his door holds Isaac’s closet, complete with antique back painted glass, insane asylum signage. We found it in an antique store in Alabama while we were there one summer, and we had it framed.

Isaac’s dresser is a matching piece to the thrift store side table, I refinished it with a union jack. The laundry basket is from Hobby Lobby, I just made the liner.

The pictures in Isaac’s room were a gift to us from a friend who has since passed away; he was part of a program called “gathering of eagles” in which WWII veteran pilots are brought together each year. The pictures are all lithographs, signed by the artist, and 1 pilot who flew that type of plane in WWII.

Isaac’s tree is on his desk; I made all of the ornaments except for the star, garland, and little mercury glass balls. (Oh! and there are a few original WWII era glass ornaments on it too)

I painted the British Bulls-eye paper mache disks, made the medals out of ribbon and jewelry findings (I have a tutorial for them to write too!) And the little die-cast planes were models I bought and put hooks on.

The chest in the hall outside of Isaac’s room stores my embroidery machine, felt, interfacings, paper crafting, needle felting, etc. supplies.

Next in the hallway, is the master bedroom,

The bed is a floor model we got from Ethan Allen, and the side tables were from a furniture store in VA, this room actually has the most “as is” bought stuff out of any of the rooms in our house!

Sorry about the pile of stuff next to the dresser, people weren’t coming into our room, so I moved my purse and things we use to live, but don’t need on display for the open house, next to my dresser because it couldn’t be seen from the door. The dresser is one we bought at Homegoods, I just changed out the knobs. The metal wall tiles came from Khols, but I painted them black.

The rugs are 2 kilim rugs from Ikea, I just sewed them together to make one bigger rug. Paul’s dresser is one I refinished for him out of a thrift store find. The bedding is from Pottery Barn, (except the white, which is from Ikea). The bedding I chose was pretty poor quality so I’m thinking about buying some Silk Bedding soon. There’s nothing worse than itchy, hot bed sheets so if you’re shopping for bedding, don’t scrimp!

Paul and I don’t have matching side tables, (because I prefer a more collected look,) but they are from the same collection though. They are actually living room side tables, so don’t forget to look outside of the bedding department for bedroom furniture!

Above our bed we have some vintage silver trays, a vintage paint by numbers horse I got off of ebay, and the back wall is painted to look like paneling. (ANOTHER tutorial I have yet to write!) The drawers on the right are from Hobby Lobby, and contain my jewelry, I just changed out the knobs; each knob represents the color of jewelry inside. The pictures above the lamps are framed antique book pages.

The curtains are the only purchased curtains in the house, and they came from Pottery Barn too. The chairs and bench came from a store in VA called “The Dump” There is a full length mirror by the closet doors.

I actually really love our room, it’s very homey and casual, but put together. (well at least I think so!)

To the left of our bedroom door, is the kid’s bathroom,

The bathroom is split into two sections, a sink portion, and then the toilet and shower. Next to the sink is Emmie’s hairclip holder, and a tower from Target that holds hair and face stuff. I also changed out the knobs for more interesting knobs than the ones that were originally there, but will be putting the originals back when we leave.

I made the shower curtain for in here, mostly because the shower rods are about 8″ higher than standard size, but I absolutely love the fabric too.

Behind the toilet is a wall cabinet I refinished, along with some Ikea pictures, and a couple of oil paintings the kids picked out while we were in China.

The two Paintings in here are original oil paintings (I am sure they are knock off of something)

These paintings are Isaac’s whenever he leaves the house (we have started original art collections for them, so they have some unique art when they move on to their own homes) and the two oil paintings in the other room are Emmie’s.

And here is the view of the wall as you leave the bathroom, it is a gallery of the kids art from the time they were little to now. It’s Paul’s favorite wall in the house, he loves seeing it everyday as he leaves our bedroom 🙂 The shelf is one Paul built out of oak, and the books are some children’s books, and some crafting books.

And just for bearings sake, to the left is down the hall again.

Anyway, go have a cookie if you made it this far into the post, I know that was a lot of pictures, and I should have broken it down into a couple of posts. I will post about the rest of the house in the next couple of days, or I will probably never get it done!!! I am going to start catching up on all of the projects I have pictures of, so I can write tutorials for everything too, that’s my only New Year’s resolution!

Here’s the link to part 2 of the home tour.

I would love to hear what you think about everything, or if you have any questions about anything!

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