Guest Post From My Mom! {pattern weights}

My mom made some really great pattern weights a little while ago as presents, and I LOVE them (and use them all the time.) Anyway, I asked her if she would share the secret to her fabric weights here on the blog, and she very kindly sent me photos of the whole process! 

So here’s what the finished weights look like, mom just used fabric and buttons from her stash, so this project is a great way to use up small bits of fabric!
To begin with, my mom used 3 heavy washers, (I’m guessing they are 1.25″) BBs, cardstock, 3″ fabric circles, and a yo yo maker (which is optional, you could make your yo yo’s by hand.) 
 My mom used the card stock to cut out circles the same size as the washers, in order to create a base without a hole in the middle, and after making the first yo yo, she put the card stock circle in the bottom of the little pouch.
 The next layer is the 3 washers, (they add a lot of the weight and stability.) On top of the washers, you want to stuff the rest of the little bundle with the BBs.
Pack as many of them in there as you can while still being able to close the top. The circle of card stock will keep the BBs from dropping through the middle of the washers, and rounding the bottom. 
Here’s what the profile looks like. The final step is to knot off the thread (I would maybe take some big Frankenstein stitches across the top just to secure things really well,) and then add a button to the top, to finish things off beautifully.
  I use my weights all the dang time, especially with fabric that doesn’t like to be pinned through like oilcloth, and pleather; all you have to do is place the weights every few inches on your fabric and pattern piece, and they really do hold things in place beautifully! Wouldn’t they make great handmade holiday gifts? 
Thanks mom for coming over here and guest photo posting for me, if I got anything wrong, please tell me!!!

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