Isaac’s Quilt FINALLY

I’ve finally gotten around to making Isaac’s quilt, it has been over a year since I found the fabric, but I have been so busy, I haven’t gotten around to actually making it yet!

I used this Moda quilt as inspiration; I thought it went with the viking theme well, as it reads sort of like shields or something to me. I didn’t follow any of the sizing instructions from Moda, because I wanted a custom size, but the construction was pretty similar.

For the back, I appliqued Isaac’s name in Viking Runes, in addition to a horned helmet. I will be taking everything to the quilters tomorrow; our quilter’s has a computerized machine, and one of the images they have is a viking set (with horned helmets, a shield, battle axes, a ship, etc.) so I’m really excited to see it finished!!! The back is currently over-sized, since the quilter’s need it to be 4″ bigger on all sides, so when I get it back, I will square it up and crop it a little closer to the applique.

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