The Fireplace Decked Out For Christmas

So Paul reminded me that I never posted pictures of the finished Christmas Stockings, so I decided I would quickly add a picture showing the whole fireplace area. If you remember this is the fireplace that I built for, So You Think You’re Crafty, and it runs off of gel fuel. (although, I have no idea WHY you would remember the fireplace, since I’ve only JUST realized I never blogged about it either, I have all the pictures for a how too, I just suck at follow through….) Anyway, this is what my fireplace looks like most of the time, (sans fire, since it makes the apartment really hot.)

And then here is the fireplace ready for Christmas…..

I made the stockings out of velvet, fur, ribbon, and a painters drop cloth. Each one is different, with a zinc letter monogramming whose stocking it is (our initials *can* spell EPIC, but it says CEPI, because Emmie and Isaac didn’t want to trade stockings with anyone, and I didn’t want to hang the navy stockings next to each other…so close, and yet so far from EPIC.) I am particularly happy with how the stockings are hanging, I have painted a curtain rod to match the firescreen, and then tied it on with jute, so that the top is long enough to hang all 4 stockings nicely. I can just take it off again at the end of the season. The garland is a pre lit garland that I bought last year from Grandin Road, that is attached to the fireplace with command hooks, so they will come off cleanly after the holidays. (the wreath is attached to the mirror with a command hook too) The ornaments are similar to the one’s on our tree, (which I will post about later) and then the deer decorations on top are from Hobby Lobby. Obviously, when you have flammable material hanging in front of your fireplace, the last thing you want to do is light it. If you do want your fireplace to functional and festive, then make sure you take adequate safety precautions first. Check out these fireplace safety tips.

I’m going to try to remember to do a how to on the fireplace later, I swear I could not make anything for a year and still blog everyday over the stuff I forget to post! I just get so busy on the new stuff, I forget to blog; too bad posts don’t write themselves as I do them, or I would be the most prolific blogger ever!!!

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