Tree Skirt Guest Post Brought Home

Here’s a post that was originally a guest post, brought home!
Today I have a tree skirt to share, but mostly as a means of sharing a pretty fun pleating technique! Thanks so much for having me Hayley, I’ve been loving your Handcrafted Holidays series so far!!!

I used a painter’s drop cloth as the main body of this tree skirt, and began with a 3ft circle that looked something like this….
I know, high tech right? I may or may not have not had my memory card in my camera while taking pictures at this stage….(it’s been a long week 🙂 ) ANYWAY  I began by making a 3ft circle, with a small hole in the middle, and a wedge cut out (this will help the tree skirt lay nicely over the base/tree-stand.) I then cut 8, 4″ strips of my drop cloth to be used as a pleated border (you may need more or less than that depending on fabric width, but pretty much you want 3 times the circumference of your circle.) I then sewed all of the strips together, making one long strip (I finished all the edges, and ironed everything too.) This is the part where the cool technique comes into play, I’m sure that a lot of you have heard of knife pleats,
But have you ever heard of fork pleats? Look-y I made a video,
Isn’t that so much easier than having to carefully measure and pin every pleat? It ends up a 3 to 1 ratio for the pleats so that’s all the measuring you need to do! After sewing the pleats, I then sewed them to the edge of the 3ft circle, and top-stitched the pleated layer down, and finished all of the edges with bias binding (that I made out of a ticking stripe) 
I top stitched over the binding with a zig zag stitch, in peacock blue (my Christmas colors, are navy and peacock blue) and I closed the split with 5 vintage buttons, and button loops made from the same bias binding.
It really was SOOOOOO fast using a fork to make the pleats, and although it looks like this tree skirt took me hours of measuring and pinning, it really didn’t take any! 
 Now I just need time to hurry up, and for it to be after Thanksgiving, so that I can actually put up Christmas decorations in good conscience! Thanks again for having me Hayley, this is such a fun series! 

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