How’s it going?

I keep putting off posting anything new, a. because I don’t want to overwhelm poor Paul while he is fiddling with the new design, and b. because I am currently still a little intimidated by the new WP format and figuring out how to do a post with pictures and links etc. so sorry if this post isn’t quite right!

I have been keeping pretty busy though, for most day to day stuff I have been on Instagram or FB, so if you want to keep up with me a little more often (perish the thought! 🙂 ) you can subscribe over there! I’ve been trying to build my social media platforms for quite some time now so I would certainly appreciate a follow! A few of my followers have recommended I take a look at to improve my following so I think it’s something I’ll look into if you guys want to stay on this platform alone. I find social media much easier to use when it comes to uploading images and videos as I can upload as many as I want in an album whereas I don’t want to upload too many to my blog post just in case it clutters the page. Anywho, I’ll get on with what I’m here for.

I have been making pretty good headway on my New Year’s list, as you can see the blog is almost finished (we are still having some forwarding issues with people being redirected to the home page instead of the individual posts they are looking for from pinterest.) And the kids are doing pretty well with their own laundry (it makes it into the washer, the dryer transfer is proving easy to forget) I haven’t been cooking much more yet, and I still keep finding reasons to spend money when I shouldn’t (Paul and I have birthdays coming up, and we just had our hump day here in Korea (18 months in, 18 months to go!) so we went to a quite expensive museum, and then out to our favorite restaurant for dinner. I made custom printed T-shirts for the boys to match the t shirts I bought for the girls, and we Korean style wore matching outfits for our hump day outing! (Korean couples HAVE to show they are together by wearing perfectly matching outfits RIGHT down to their underwear – it’s totally a thing here.)

We also recently bought a plane ticket for me to visit AZ again for 2 weeks in the spring; Paul is working really hard to make it easy for me to stay close to family a world away, and I am very thankful to have the chance, but that is more money again so one goal met, another one tanked :). (luckily Paul is vigilant with our accounts though, because he found $1500 total that the Air Force just sort of forgot to pay us since June of last year, so getting that back pay kind of cancels out the cost of my trip right?)

I’ve been working on the organization thing in the sewing storage room, so that has been good, but I have been spending a little money on organizers and stuff, so that sort of defeats the money goal….

here are all my notions ^

and then threads and fabric…

I have been making a coat for Emmie from my stash, but I can’t finish it until I get up to Seoul this week to get some toggles for the front, I have a coat in the works for Isaac too, but I’m not even going to start his yet because I will need a zip and toggles for his from Seoul too.

So, how have your resolutions been going? Have you gotten cracking, or have you stalled on some of them too?

I’m pretty excited because my 34th birthday is coming up February 6th, and we have decided to do a fun birthday giveaway/new blog design grand opening (so to speak) to my followers, so I am looking forward to that!


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