Knock Off Anthropologie Layered V-neck

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Today I have sort of a quick and dirty post, (that isn’t a full tutorial,) but it does show how I altered an existing pattern, to make a knock off shirt from Anthropologie. Anthropologie has been getting in some killer stuff that I have been liking lately (I tend to go through phases where I either LOVE everything, or cannot stand anything in the store that season) This Layered V-neck Tunic really caught my eye,

anthro shirt 600x900 Knock Off Anthropologie Layered V neck

 I liked the casual slouchiness of this top, and the layering that really dresses up a comphy knit shirt. I decided that I could easily recreate this look, (with a few alterations that I preferred.) Firstly, I thought a patterned fabric would be more fun for the under layer, and secondy, I have more cleavage than the model, so I wanted a higher front. For the fabric I looked into my stash, and found a navy rayon knit to use as the body, and a stunning silk fabric I got a couple of years ago in the LA fabric district (for only $4 a yard as a designer remnant,) to use as the under layer detail. As the shirt pattern, I used Butterick 3383, since it was a good shape to use as a jumping off point.

B3383 Knock Off Anthropologie Layered V neck

I used this pattern since I had it in my stash already, and it would be pretty easy to alter to look how I wanted, by simply lengthening the body and the sleeves, and changing the neck line. The fact that this pattern was designed to be used with woven fabrics was a bonus too, since I knew it meant that the under layer would have the right ease already built in.

navy anthropologie tunic pattern 564x1000 Knock Off Anthropologie Layered V neck

I began by cutting my silk front out on the fold, I added 4″ in length to get the tunic length I wanted.

navy anthropologie tunic pattern 2 600x846 Knock Off Anthropologie Layered V neck

In order to get the V-neck, I just folded the front of the pattern down, it’s a pretty easy alteration.

navy anthropologie tunic pattern 4 600x374 Knock Off Anthropologie Layered V neck

I finished the neck off by sewing a thin straight grained strip round the neck on a 3/16 inch seam allowance, that I then top stitched on the strip side, as close to the seam as possible; this will make the seam roll ever so slightly in towards the strip side when folded back.

navy anthropologie tunic pattern 3 600x528 Knock Off Anthropologie Layered V neck

I then trimmed the remaining fabric away so that it folded over the back of the seam, just a bit, but enough to give a finished rolled edge.

navy anthropologie tunic pattern 6 600x400 Knock Off Anthropologie Layered V neck

I then top stitched as close to the folded edge as possible, using the strip as a small facing, to finish the neck. I stitched an angle in the point of the V too, so that transition is smooth. I used a straight grained strip for the neck so that it couldn’t stretch, since the silk fabric V-neck was cut slightly bias-y, I knew it would warp if not stabilized.

navy anthropologie tunic pattern 7 600x400 Knock Off Anthropologie Layered V neck

From the outside all you see is one row of stitching on the edge, and from the inside it is a finished edge.

navy anthropologie tunic pattern 8 600x359 Knock Off Anthropologie Layered V neck

Lastly on the silk piece, I sewed a rolled hem onto the bottom, and up the 2 sides, about 5″ up from the bottom, to accommodate the side slits.

navy anthropologie tunic pattern 9 600x741 Knock Off Anthropologie Layered V neck

As you can see, the only finished edges are the hem and neck on the silk piece, since all of the other edges were finished as I sewed/serged them into the body of the t shirt.  I don’t have any pictures of the rest of the process, since it is pretty much the same as the pattern directs for the navy knit fabric; the only difference is I added a deeper V-neck, and then when I went to sew the shirt together, I added the silk layer in to the side and shoulder seams (and I added a squared off pocket instead of a rounded one.) I did make the back of the shirt longer than the front too, but other than that the sleeves went on as normal, and I didn’t have any problems getting the knit and the woven layers to play nicely together (which sort of surprised me.)

navy anthropologie tunic 549x1000 Knock Off Anthropologie Layered V neck

So here is the finished top, I am not usually someone who wears leggings, so this was a departure for me!

navy anthropologie tunic 2 600x878 Knock Off Anthropologie Layered V neck

I like the length, and how slouchy the rayon fabric is.

navy anthropologie tunic 3 600x944 Knock Off Anthropologie Layered V neck


Even after raising the neckline, I still wear a camisole under the top, so maybe if I made it again, I would raise the neckline even more, and probably bring the shoulders in a little since I have had problems with my bra strap hanging out (I will probably put tabs in this top to hold it on my bra straps.) These pictures were taken after I had already worn and washed the shirt once, so although the silk picked up a bit of a texture; I decided to not iron it for the pictures, since I probably wouldn’t do it again for later wearings. I like the patterned fabric a lot and I am glad I added it to my top, rather than faithfully reproducing a plain top. The under layer is sewn completely into the shoulder, side, and armhole front seams, so it isn’t at all fiddly, to get it to lay straight. I originally debated whether or not to add a bust dart into the silk layer, but I am glad I didn’t, since I think it would have shown through the knit layer.

I really like how this top turned out, and I think I will wear it a lot, (as I have already worn it 3 times since I made it.) I am happy to have done a little stash busting in the process of sewing it; I have a couple more shirts from Anthro that I want to make my own version of soon, so I will hopefully keep up my stash busting, sewing for myself momentum.


  6 comments for “Knock Off Anthropologie Layered V-neck

  1. Ann
    February 9, 2014 at 12:51 am

    That came out so nicely! I think the patterned fabric was a great choice.
    Ann recently posted…Frugal Friday: Chicken Soup with DumplingsMy Profile

  2. Suzanne Winter
    February 9, 2014 at 6:37 am

    I love it!!! It looks perfect on you, and I like the mix of materials and print and solid!

  3. February 9, 2014 at 2:00 pm

    This is a lovely top. I really like the silk print! It looks great on you!
    EmSewCrazy recently posted…Scatterbrained Sewing QuestionsMy Profile

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