A Tale of Two Quilts {pinspired}

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I have been a little quiet around here, because I have been trying to get some stuff done, before I go out of town for a couple of weeks (I’m leaving for the USA to go see my nephew tomorrow!) so real world issues have taken over my blogging time 🙂 I have Korean souvenirs to take to family, but lets be real, there is only so much Korean stuff my family members need in their houses, so I decided that I would make quilts to take and give to my mom and sister. (If I made it, they have to like it right?) Speaking of my nephew, look at this amazing picture of him with a doll I sent him,

Charley and baby

They’re twins right? He is such a little porker, and I cannot wait to plant kisses all over his chubby cheeks. And then my sister sent me this picture a couple of days ago……

charley count down

Don’t you just die? I am so stinking excited to see him! (oh, and my mom and my sisters….but mostly Charley.) Anyway quilts. So this quilt is the one I made for Sarah, (I am apparently bad at surprises, so if you don’t want to see your quilts Sarah and mom, stop reading now) it’s a slightly brighter version of the colors she has in her living room, so I thought of her as soon as I saw the fabric – I think next time I might give these quilt patterns free printable a go that I found online to mix things up a bit. The fabric is pretty awesome because it was also one of my prizes from Project Run and Play, so I thought it was fitting considering Sarah was more stressed and emotionally involved in PR&P that even I was (we had a lot of FB messaging nights over that, she was so stressed for me!)


The front is made entirely from fat quarters that were cut into 5″ squares, and the stars are all a little wonky, because I didn’t cut them to be a specific size (on purpose 🙂 ) I just lopped an angle off and added the cream, squared it up, and then lopped another angle off, and squared it up again to make the points of the star. I was originally inspired by this pinterest pin, I just didn’t follow any directions so much as look at the picture. I had the quilting done in a scallop pattern because Sarah loves mermaids, and I thought it would be fun.


The back was just scraps and pieces I had left over from the fat quarters, and an accent fabric I was able to find locally.

My mom’s quilt is one I started before ever even moving to Korea, (inspired by this pin, but again made without following any directions, since that’s apparently how I roll, I just figured the dimensions based off of the size I wanted.)


I made the whole top in the states, but never finished the back, and was sort of dreading quilting it, so it was put away for the last 18+ months. I finally dug it out because I have a quilter here I take things to, so I didn’t have to dread anything 🙂


The back is just made up of whatever fabric from the front I still had left over, so it’s quite pieced (so a double sided quilt?) The binding is also made from scraps. I love the pretty floral quilting this one has, even if it’s hard to see in photographs.

As a behind the scenes/keeping it real sort of deal, I thought this was a funny picture and I couldn’t help but take it; this is how I got the quilt pictures…. I asked the kids to hold the strings I attached with safety pins, at a wall above the middle school; at least they are helpful if not somewhat board, and worried more about the metal by their hair flower than the dirt their hair is dragging in. (and she dropped a shoe off the wall.)


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