Mother’s Day Zippered Pouches


Hello! I’ve been back in Korea for a few weeks now, but have felt completely wiped out with jet lag, and spring allergies, and the kids have started baseball season, so that has dominated a lot of our time. I’ve been working on several different projects (a maxi skirt, a purse, some beading, etc.) but haven’t felt much like writing tutorials or blogging I have been so sleepy.

To get my rear in gear, Emmie asked me if she could sew something for me for Mother’s day, and I had her pull up the tutorial we did together on making zippered pouches, and let her pick out some fabric and lace, and zippers (she also sewed sequins onto the blue zipper bag.) She then followed the tutorial to make these zippered bags for me and herself (the blue one is her’s.)

zippered pouches


She is pretty pleased with herself, and asked me to add them to the blog under her tab, so I guess even if I am not blogging enough for myself, I can at least do it for her 🙂

Do you have any plans to go homemade for mother’s day? What are you thinking about making? I have already given my mom her present, because I took it with me to the US when I visited, but I would love to hear your ideas anyway!!!

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