Quick and Dirty Burlap Wreath Tutorial

The theme of my posts recently has been to post things I took pictures of forever ago, but never posted on the blog (I’ve been going through photos lately) Today I am touching on the burlap wreath that hangs outside of our apartment door….


I know that there are probably a million different ways to make a burlap wreath, but I liked how I thought to do this one, and it was fast and easy, so I thought I would share a how to.


I began by getting a roll of 8 inch wide burlap from a flower market here in Korea, I had to order the wreath frame from Hobby Lobby though, since I couldn’t find any here at the time. I began by pulling a loop through the inner ring, and wrapping it around my 3 inch quilter’s rule.


Then I skipped the middle channel of the wreath, and pulled another loop through the outer channel, and wrapped it around the ruler.


then I went right back to the inner channel, pulled a loop up, slid my ruler out of the two loops it was in, and moved it forward into the new loop. I continued on all the way round, zig zagging back and forth between the inner channel, and the outter channel, always skipping the middle.


After getting all the way around evenly (which is a little bit of a guessing process, I pulled out my work and went back more than once, to figure out the correct amount of tightness of packing in the loops)


You fluff out all the loops until they look pretty.


Mine were so tightly packed, I didn’t need to use anything to secure the loops, they just sort of stay perfectly. I finished my wreath off with a 12″ wood letter “G” that I painted in chalkboard paint, and hung from the middle, with a few chalk lines on it.


This has become my go to wreath when it’s not Christmas, I poked flags out of it in July, glitter eggs at Easter, fabric leaves in the fall, etc. it’s very versatile, and gives our doorway a festive look that I love, without being too distinct to use most of the time. I think using the ruler, really kept the look uniform, so that it wasn’t lumpy or uneven in any spots. Apparently this type of burlap is regularly used to wrap tree trunks etc. so maybe try finding it at a gardening center rather than a craft store, as you definitely get more for less money that way!

  2 comments for “Quick and Dirty Burlap Wreath Tutorial

  1. Amber
    May 9, 2015 at 2:59 pm


    I was wondering if you knew about how many yards of 8 inch burlap you used? (3) 15 years rolls maybe. I’m just trying to get an idea of how much to look for.



  2. Amber
    May 9, 2015 at 3:03 pm

    Also, how big was the wreath form – 18 inches? Love your wreath. It is super cute.

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