A Shibori Table Runner

I have been MIA over here (shocking I know) but that never means I haven’t been making stuff, just that I have been a bad blogger. I have been doing some sewing for a guest post, some sewing for Emmie’s fall back to school wardrobe, and even some for myself. I have several patterns and tutorials in the works, which is taking up time in tweaking them, which means I am not really photographing or writing like I want to.

Sarah was here the last time I wrote, and she has actually been gone now for a few weeks (sigh, we are missing her, and sweet baby boy like MAD) so I even have a few posts from when she was here to share before I am at all caught up. Summer is not quite in full swing at our house yet, because the kids don’t get done until next week, but I am looking forward to it like crazy! Just this month alone, we have had Emmie’s birthday (seriously I cannot even handle having my baby turn 12!) and we took a family vacation to Japan, and Tokyo Disney, and tomorrow we have Emmie’s birthday party (nothing elaborate, she and a few friends are going to decorate cupcakes, and go see “How to Train Your Dragon 2” at the base theater.)

Paul is out of town for the week for work (spoiler alert, he may have won a totally big deal award!) so I have been trying to get some of my projects tidied up before he gets back (which has resulted in some midnight loads of laundry and dishes, since I am a night owl!)

But anyway, rather than talking about what I haven’t gotten ready to share yet, I thought I would try to bite off a little bit of the looming unshared project pile, and show off a shibori table runner I worked on today. Sarah and I made a couple of table runners while she was here, but she took both of them with her when she left, so I decided to make one for me.

I really liked this table runner from Anthropologie

shibori table runner from anthropologie

Sarah and I got into a conversation about it the other day (I mean how on trend are we? We didn’t even know Anthro had shibori table runners when we made them while she was here) and I decided I wanted to figure out how exactly the Anthropologie one was done.

I began with a piece of white linen, that is used here in Korea for making traditional Korean dress called a hanbok, it’s woven at only about 16″ wide salvage to salvage, so it’s perfect for a table runner. I hand sewed a rolled hem on each end, making it a little over 6′ long. Next I accordion pleated the ends, and tied a cotton piece of crochet thread up and down the ends on each side.

white runner before it's dyed

I immersion dyed my runner in a mixture of navy and cobalt blue MX dye for about an hour, then I rinsed, untied the bound off section, and rinsed some more. Lastly I ironed the runner dry, and put it on a table to take pictures with my phone at night (which explains why they are so rubbish 🙂 )

Here’s the finished product,

shibori table runner

I really like it a lot, but since it’s not exactly the same as the Anthro one, I will probably be trying to make another (the fact that it’s a fun easy project has nothing to do with it!) I think I need less tie spots, and maybe fatter accordion pleats? I like the look of this one, I just like problem solving more exact replication. (But either way, the $10-$12 and 1.5 hours this one took, beats $108 for the Anthropologie one!)

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