Emmie Turns 12!

My baby girl is not so baby anymore, she turned 12 on the 11th of June! We went to Japan a few days before to celebrate her birthday as a family, but she still wanted to have a little get together with friends to mark the occasion. We did a huge party for her 11th, so I really didn’t want to go there this year, but how do you say no to just a *little* party? I had her invite 3 friends over to decorate cupcakes, and then go to the movies.


I completely failed in the decorations department, no balloons, no streamers, etc.


I even made them work in the kitchen, so that no one was frosting over my carpets or upholstery.


Isaac was invited naturally as her best friend, (although I didn’t count him as one of the three friends she could invite!) I used boxed cake mixes to make the cupcakes, cans of frosting mixed with food coloring for frosting, and we bought every type of sprinkle the store had; so not overly gourmet, but the kids still loved it!


She got some fun gifts of art supplies, and nail-polishes, etc. her friends were really sweet, and thoughtful. We had How To Train Your Dragon playing on the TV in the background as a refresher, since the kids were going to see How To Train Your Dragon 2 at the base movie theater (which was adorable by the way.)


It wasn’t even for pretend anything similar to a pinterest pretty party, but I think the kids didn’t notice, as they all seemed to have a blast! The food was simple, mostly junky chips that the kids begged for, and freezer section pizzas, I had to let my perfectionist side look the other way 🙂


Here are Isaac and Emmie’s finished cupcakes, they ended up being our breakfast the next day because we are healthy like that 🙂


The birthday girl loved feeling special and thought about, and it really put into perspective that a lot of work isn’t necessary to make her feel that way! (I never blogged about her 11th birthday party, but I just cleared that party off the camera, so I will post it here in a couple of days – I decided to post this one first though, or it would REALLY look sad by comparison!)

I’m trying to go through all of my forgotten memory cards, and catch myself up on some blogging, I always joke I could blog everyday for a year, without having to make a single new thing, just catching up on pictures I have already taken but didn’t do anything with 🙂

  2 comments for “Emmie Turns 12!

  1. July 7, 2014 at 4:44 am

    Are Emmie and Isaac really bed friends? That’s the sweetest thing I’ve ever heard! This party still looks really lovely- junk food, friends and sprinkles are definitely some of the best parts of a birthday party anyway 🙂 xxx
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    • cathgrace
      July 12, 2014 at 5:18 pm

      They really are best friends! (Or sort of like a little old married couple, they love each other, but sometimes they can’t stand to listen to the sound of the other one breathing!) Their whole lives they have called each other their best friend (even writing poems and school reports about their “best friend” as each other.) I feel very lucky to have them be such good friends, especially with how much we move, I’m a little scared to navigate the teenage years with them, I hope they stay as close as they always have!

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